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Josefin Bressel is an actress and moderator. Josefin Bressel was born in 1991 and is currently 32 years old. She was born in Berlin.Josefin Bressel spent most of her youthful days in Berlin. It is said that her father comes from Poland. Josefin Bressel has since 2023 played the role of Alicia Bäumler in RTL’s long-running series “Good Times, Bad Times”.

Earlier in 2011, she played her first role as an actress in the image film “Forum Fairer Handel – Daddy Look Here”.It must be emphasized that when Josefin Bressel was 22 years old, she studied at a film acting school. After completion, she earned a degree in acting.

Even while she was in the film acting school, she performed plays and filmed several commercials. Josefin Bressel played a role in the series Einstein in 2015 and over the years, she has been featured in a lot of productions.

She was featured in films such as “Bozen-Krimi” and the 2022 mystery series “Schnee”. She relocated to South Tyrol in Italy when she was 25 years old. She served as an independent presenter for the RAI station when she was staying in Meran.

Bressel showed various athletes and was also the co-host of the talk show “Toms Keller Show”, which is produced in Bolzano. She has over 7,000 followers on Instagram. On Instagram, she uses the account @josefinbressel _

Josefin Bressel has lived in the Berlin district of Charlottenburg with her cat Coco since 2023. Josefin Bressel has blue-green eyes and blond hair. She drinks alcohol and also smokes.

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Josefin Bressel’s Birth Date/Age

Josefin Bressel was born in 1991.Josefin Bressel is 32 years old.

Josefin Bressel’s Height, Weight

Details about the height and weight of Josefin Bressel are currently not available.

Josefin Bressel’s Net Worth

Josefin Bressel’s net worth is yet to be updated.

Josefin Bressel’s Parents

Currently, there is no information about the mother of Josefin Bressel. However, it is known that her father hails from Poland.

Josefin Bressel’s Boyfriend, Husband

Information is yet to be updated.

Josefin Bressel’s Biography, Wikipedia

Details on Josefin Bressel are not available on Wikipedia.

Josefin Bressel’s Children

Details about the children of Josefin Bressel are not available as of now

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