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Astrid Fronja can be described as a moderator, reporter and journalist. She was born in Cologne, Germany and with respect to education, she is said to have a Degree in Business Administration. Astrid Fronja started off her career as a journalist in Berlin.

This was after she had visited Paris and London. Astrid Fronja served as a volunteer at the broadcaster ntv. She also served as an editor and also a reporter on the floor of the Frankfurt stock exchange for many years. Astrid Fronja was subsequently appointed to manage the reporter pool of the business editorial team and was head of the teleexchange service.

Astrid Fronja has been working as a presenter since 2007 and her face has become synonymous with the telemarkets so far as her viewers are concerned. She is known to have passion for her work and she likes to travel around the world and engage in sports whenever she is free.

It is not surprising that she turned out to be a moderator, reporter and journalist due to the fact that she had an insatiable hunger to learn during her youthful days. The height of Astrid Fronja is 168 centimeters and she weighs 58 kilograms. She has blue eyes and blond hair.

She is quite active on Instagram and uses the account @astridfronja _ She is known to drink alcohol and smoke as well.

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Astrid Fronja alter, Größe, gewicht, vermögen,Freund, Ehemann, Biografie, wikipedia, kinder

Astrid Fronja’s Height, Weight,

As already indicated, Astrid Fronja’s height is 168 centimeters and she weighs 58 kilograms.

Astrid Fronja’s Birth Date.

The birth date of Astrid Fronja is not available.

Astrid Fronja’s Age

There is no detail on the age of Astrid Fronja.

Astrid Fronja’s Net Worth

There is no data on the net worth of Astrid Fronja.

Astrid Fronja’s Parents

There isn’t any available information on the parents of Astrid Fronja.
However, she is available on Instagram using the account astridfronja.

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Astrid Fronja’s Boyfriend, Husband

Details on Astrid Fronja are scanty. The information about the Boyfriend or Husband is not available.

Astrid Fronja’s Children

There isn’t any available information on the children of Astrid Fronja

Astrid Fronja’s Biography, Wikipedia

Information on Astrid Fronja is not available on Wikipedia.

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