Joey Kelly’s Cause of Death

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Joseph Maria Kelly is a multi-talented individual of Irish-American heritage, known for his prowess as a musician, songwriter, and athlete. His journey through life has been marked by achievements in both the world of music and the realm of sports.

Who is Joey Kelly?

Joseph Maria Kelly was born on December 20, 1972, and first gained recognition as a member of the renowned Kelly Family, a musical ensemble celebrated for their captivating performances and harmonious melodies. However, during a hiatus in the band’s career, Joseph Maria Kelly shifted his focus towards a different arena—becoming an amateur athlete and actively participating in a variety of sports competitions.

In 2017, Joseph Maria Kelly made a triumphant return to the Kelly Family, taking up the roles of drummer and vocalist. As a versatile member of the musical ensemble, he contributes his talents by playing electric and acoustic guitars and various percussion instruments, adding depth and dimension to the band’s sound.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Joseph Maria Kelly is a fervent sports enthusiast with a penchant for testing his physical limits in endurance competitions and engaging in lighthearted yet thrilling sporting events. His passion for sports knows no bounds, leading him to participate in an array of exciting activities, including appearances on TV shows like “TV Total,” wok racing, and diving.

When it comes to endurance, Joseph Maria Kelly has left an indelible mark. By 2006, he had already completed an impressive tally of over 50 marathons. His commitment to endurance competitions extends to grueling events like the Ultramarathons, Ironman Triathlons, and the Tough Guy Race, where he challenges himself both mentally and physically.

One notable feat in his athletic journey was his participation in the Ultraman competition in Hawaii in 1998. This demanding event comprised a 10-kilometer swim, a 421-kilometer cycling race, and an 84-kilometer run, all spread over three intense days. Joseph Maria Kelly’s determination and resilience saw him reach the finish line, but a subsequent disqualification marred his accomplishment. He was disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct, following an incident where he kicked a volunteer in the head after a prior altercation.

Joseph Maria Kelly’s sporting prowess extends to long-distance cycling as well. In the Race Across America (RAAM) in 2001, a grueling bicycle race spanning the entire United States, he and his teammate Thorsten Vahl clinched a commendable fourth place among seven competing teams. The following year, in 2002, he achieved victory in a four-person mixed team, which included his wife.

In 2008, Joseph Maria Kelly ventured into the challenging terrain of the Atacama Crossing in Chile. This formidable desert race covered a staggering distance of 250 kilometers, to be completed in six days. His unwavering determination and perseverance led him to finish the race in 6 days, 36 hours, and 15 minutes, securing a fourth-place overall finish and earning the title of first in his age group. The Atacama Crossing is renowned as one of the most demanding desert races globally, making Joseph Maria Kelly’s achievement all the more impressive.

Is Joey Kelly Dead?

Joey Kelly is still alive. However, Joey’s aunt, the mother of his cousin Mikey, was going through a divorce and had ejected her husband from their home. During a sleepover with Mikey, they heard heated arguments from another room. Shockingly, Joey saw his uncle, covered in blood and holding a butcher knife, exiting the master bedroom. This night turned into a harrowing ordeal as Joey had to witness his uncle fatally attack Mikey, his beloved cousin and best friend.

Who is Joey Kelly’s Wife?

Joey Kelly got married to Tanja Niethen in 2005. The couple has two sons and a daughter.


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