Ivano Marescotti Cause of Death: Full Details

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Ivano Marescotti was born on February 4, 1946, and he was an Italian actor, theater director and playwright. It must be noted that Ivano Marescotti hails from Villanova and he graduated from the Nervi-Severini Artistic High School in Ravenna.

After school, he worked in the urban planning office of the municipality of Ravenna for 10 years. He played a role in the film The Belt in 1989 and later, he met Silvio Soldini and after wards, he decided to focus on cinema after he had played a role in the film L’aria Serena deli’Ovest.

It must be noted that over the years, Ivano Marescotti has played roles in so many films. He also worked with a lot of directors some of whom are Anthony Minghella, Ridley Scott and Roberto Benigni ( Johnny Stecchino and The Monster ), as well as Marco Risi, Pupi Avati, Sandro Baldoni, Maurizio Nichetti, Carlo Mazzacurati, Antonello Grimaldi and Klaus Maria Brandauer.

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He gained 6 nominations for the Nastro d’argento and he won in 2014 for his performance in the short film Assicurazione Sulla vita.
Ivano Marescotti appeared in the video for Ti lascio una parole Goodbye in 1998 and since 2002, the Conselice Municipality charged him to take charge of programming of the municipal theater in addition to managing a national theatre program.

He founded Pataka Sri in 2004 with which he manages his own cultural proposals. He played a role on King Arthur (2004) and in 2006, he also featured in the Rai fiction, Tell Me.

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Ivano Marescotti Cause of Death

Ivano Marescotti through a Facebook post, announced his decision to retire from the stage. He wanted to be dedicated solely to Teatro Academia Marescotti in Ravenna.

Unfortunately, Ivano Marescotti died at the Civil Hospital of Ravenna due to prostate cancer. He died at the age of 77.
While alive, Ivano Marescotti married three times. He married Mattia who died in 2009 at the age of 43 due to cancer. He then married Ifigenia Faye Kanara and they had a daughter in 2003.

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The daughter was called Iliade.
His third marriage was to Erika Leonelli who was his former student at the TAM theatre school in 2017. They got married on March 26, 2022.


Some of the films to the credit of Ivano Marescotti include Ladies & Gentlemen, directed by Tonino Pulci (1984), Ginger and Fred, directed by Federico Fellini (1986), The Belt, directed by Giuliana Gamba (1989), The serene air of the west, directed by Silvio Soldini (1989), The bag holder, directed by Daniele Luchetti (1991), Night of Stars, directed by Luigi Faccini (1991) and The Martello Case, directed by Guido Chiesa (1991).



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