Girolamo di Stolfo Cause of Death: Full Details

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Girolamo di Stolfo was also known as Big Jimmy and he was born on August 2, 1967. He was an Italian actor, television personality and a boxer. He played a role in Cosi e la Vita, Avanti un altro! and he was also the Head of Security at the Big Brother House.

He hails from Puglia and he usually trained in the Romeo Neri gym in Rimini under the tutelage of Elio Gheli. As a boxer, Girolamo di Stolfo was involved in seven matches as an amateur in the super heavyweight category. He was the only member of the super heavyweight class during the Absolute Championship in Lucca in 1988 and as such he had to return home without fighting.

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He became a professional boxer in April 1989 with Umberto Branchini’s Totip. He fought four times and he won 3 all by knockout. He stopped boxing in November 1989 with just one defeat.

So far as film is concerned, Girolamo di Stolfo made his debut in Fantozzi- The Return in 1966 and a year later, he was featured in Tira &Molla. He sang Zecchino’s songs in playback Golden. He also featured in Paola Cortellesi’s Strozus sketches during Mai dire Gol.

Due to the fact that he was 2 meters 3 centimeters tall, and weighed 170 kilograms, he worked as a security officer in the Mediaset Studios in Cinecitta. He acted as a bodyguard in many editions of Big Brother, Buona Domenica and Donne e donne.

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Girolamo di Stolfo Cause of Death

Girolamo di Stolfo was suffering from cerebral aneurysm and was admitted to the San Giovanni Rotondo Hospital. Four days later on July 13, 2015, he died.

He was 47 years old at the time of his death. He died a few hours after the death of his brother, Mimmo who was 55 years old.


With respect to filmography of Girolamo di Stolfo, some of the cinema works he was involved with include Very Tanned (1991), Fantozzi – The Return (1996), A Walk in Time (1996), That’s Life (1998) Fantozzi 2000 – Cloning (1999), The Lucky Man (2000), The republic of San Gennaro (2003), Remember Me (2003), A Cell for Two (2011) and Welcome President! (2013)

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So far as television was concerned, there were some works he featured in. These were Thieves are Born – TV movie (1997), Caribbean – TV miniseries (1998), Villa Ada – TV movie (1999), It’s Not Rai, The New Couples Game (Rete 4, 1992-1994), The New Summer Couples Game (Rete 4, 1993) and The Couple’s Beach Game (Rete 4, 1994).


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