Iron Rod Prices In Ghana 2020.

Are you planning to build a house? If your answer is yes, it is important you know the prices of raw materials that will be used during the construction.

This will help you to draw an accurate budget for the project.

In this article, we are going to make known to you the price of iron rods in Ghana and where to get the best deals.

If you are a building contractor, house owner or a plumber looking for iron rod price in Ghana as well as the types, then you are at the right place.

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Are you ready to know the iron rod price in Ghana?

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Types of iron rods used in Ghana.

Before you have a look at the iron rods prices, let us see the types available.

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Iron rods comes in different size starting from 1/4 (6MM) to 32MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE.

The building project you are embarking on will actually determine the type of iron rod needed.

Consult a building contractor if you have little knowledge about the types of iron rods.

Price list of iron rods in Ghana.

Note: The prices listed here may differ from the current market price. Do you well to speak with a building contractor for expert advice.

1/4 (6MM) 550 PCS 9.00 2720.00
3/8(7.5MM) 300 PCS 7.00 2060.00
3/8(7.5MM) (STD) 300 PCS 7.40 2200.00
8MM (30FT) 240 PCS 14.50 3450.00
10MM (30FT) 170 PCS 17.50 2950.00
11.5MM (30FT) 150 PCS 22.00 3300.00
12MM Ordinary 125 PCS 26.50 3300.00
12MM(STD) 123 PCS 33.00 4050.00
5/8(14.MM) 95 PCS 34.90 3300.00
5/8(14.MM) (STD) 95 PCS
16MMOrdinary 70 PCS 47.50 3300.00
16MM(STD) 68 PCS 60.00 4050.00
3/4(18MM) 47 PCS
20MM 44 PCS 92.50 4050.00
25MM 28 PCS 138.00 3860.00
8MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE 210 PCS 21.80 4500.00
10MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE 127 PCS 35.70 4500.00
12MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE 92 PCS 49.00 4500.00
14MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE 68 PCS 66.20 4500.00
16MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE 52 PCS 87.00 4500.00
20MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE 33 PCS 137.00 4500.00
25MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE 21 PCS 216.00 4500.00
32MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE 13 PCS 334.70 4350.00
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The price list above was extracted from Manuel Johnson Company Ltd.

You can contact them on 054 405 9111

From the table above you can see the number of rods that make a ton.

For example, 125 pieces of 12MM irod rod make a ton.


Questions Answered

What 16mm iron rod price in ghana?

16mm iron rod costs GHS 60 per unit

What is the price of 12mm iron rod in ghana?

One unit of 12mm iron rod costs GHS 30 in Ghana.

Important information.

You can purchase iron rods from any genuine building equipment supplier in Ghana.

Contact any of the following dealers of iron rods for more information.

  • K Gyasi Company Limited
  • K Peprah Company Limited
  • Manuel Johnson Ghana Limited.

It is important that you compare the prices of various shops before you make a final decision.

Thanks for passing. Share this post with friends and family who intends of building soon.

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