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Igo Sym was born on July 3, 1896. He was known to be a Polish actor and collaborator with Nazi Germany. Unfortunately, he died on March 7, 1941, and he was reportedly killed in Warsaw by members of the Polish resistance movement. It must be noted that Igo Sym was born in Innsbruck and his parents are Anton Sym and Julia (née Sepp).

Anton Sym is a Pole from Niepołomice in Galicia and Julia hails from Austria.

The debut of Igo Sym as a Polish actor and collaborator was in 1925 and it was in respect of the film titled  Vampires of Warsaw. He relocated to Vienna in 1927 and signed a contract with the Sascha-Film production company.

He was mainly stationed in in Austria and Germany in the 1920s where he made appearances in a lot of films. He made appearances in these films alongside the likes of actresses as Marlene Dietrich, Anny Ondra and Lilian Harvey. Igo Sym made a return to Poland in the 1930s and settled in Warsaw.

Some of the films he featured in include Vampires of Warsaw (1925), The Unthinkable (1926), Die Pratermizzi (1926), Café Elektric (1927), Tingel-Tangel (1927), Die Beichte des Feldkuraten (1927), Dive (1928), Kaiserjäger (1928), Die Frau von gestern und morgen (1928), Spitzenhöschen und Schusterpech (1928), Love in May (1928), Rich, Young and Beautiful (1928), Modellhaus Crevette (1928) and Der Dieb im Schlafcoupée (1929).

Others are Adieu Mascotte (1929), The Woman of Yesterday and Tomorrow (1928), Once You Give Away Your Heart (1929), Die Dame auf der Banknote (1929), What Price Love? (1929), The Model from Montparnasse (1929), Archduke John (1929), The Mistress and her Servant (1929), My Sister and I (1929), Das Erlebnis einer Nacht (1930), Helene Willfüer, Student of Chemistry (1930), Gigolo (1930), The Right to Love (1930), Only on the Rhine (1930), Vienna, City of Song (1930) among others.

Igo Sym‘s Age, Birth Date

He was born on July 3, 1896, and died on March 7, 1941. He was 45 years old at the time of his death.

Igo Sym‘s Net Worth

The net worth of Igo Sym is pegged at $53.8

Igo Sym‘s Biography, Wikipedia

The details of Igo Sym are available on Wikipedia.

Igo Sym‘s Parents

The parents of Igo Sym are Anton Sym and Julia (née Sepp). Anton Sym is a Pole from Niepołomice in Galicia and Julia hails from Austria.

Igo Sym‘s Height, Weight

His height and weight are not available.

Igo Sym‘s Girlfriend, Wife, Children

Details about the wife and children of Igo Sym are yet to be updated.

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