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Walter Rilla was born on August 22, 1894, and he was a German film actor of Jewish descent. He was born in Neunkirchen, Germany. Even though Walter Rilla died on November 21, 1980, he was known to have made appearances in over 130 films.

He made the appearances in those films between 1922 and 1977. The acting career of Walter Rilla started off on the German stage and subsequently , he got featured in a film during the silent era. He played a role in Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau’s The Grand Duke’s Finances in 1924.
Some of his films include Hannele’s Journey to Heaven (1922) …. Todesengel, The Fall of Jerusalem (1922) …. Amosa, Captain of the Guard, All for Money (1923) …. Henry von Lauffen, The Beautiful Girl (1923) …. Franz, Sohn der Götts, The Grand Duke’s Finances (1924) …. Luis Hernandez, In the Name of the King (1924), Leap Into Life (1924) …. Frank – Ideas Partner, The Monk from Santarem (1924), The Blackguard (1925) …. Michael Caviol, The Doll of Luna Park (1925), Fire of Love (1925) …. Harald von Bodenstein and The Ones Down There (1926) …. Andre.

Others are Cab No. 13 (1926) …. Lucien Rebout, The Fiddler of Florence (1926) …. Maler, Should We Be Silent? (1926) …. Dr. Georg Mauthner, Maytime (1926) …. Fred W. Kietz, Her Highness Dances the Waltz (1926), The Divorcée (1926) …. Karel van Lysseweghe, Staatssekretär, The World Wants To Be Deceived (1926) …. Dr. Stone, Arzt, The Queen of the Baths (1926) …. Lord Arthur Blythe, Wie bleibe ich jung und schön – Ehegeheimnisse (1926),The Sporck Battalion (1927) …. Leutnant von Naugard, Children’s Souls Accuse You (1927), Poor Little Colombine (1927) …. Ernst Honsel, The White Spider (1927) …. Lord Barrymore and That Dangerous Age (1927) …. Jörgen – Student.

Walter Rilla’s Biography, Wikipedia

The biography and other details of Walter Rilla can be accessed on Wikipedia.

Walter Rilla’s Age, Birth Date

He was born on August 22, 1894. He died at the age of 86.

Walter Rilla’s Height, Weight

The height and weight of Walter Rilla are not available now.

Walter Rilla’s Net Worth,

The net worth of Walter Rilla is valued between $1 million and $5 million.

Walter Rilla’s Parents

Details about his parents are unavailable.

Walter Rilla’s Girlfriend, Wife, Children

Walter Rilla was married to Alix du Frênes and Theresa Klausner  at different time .He had a child with Theresa Klausner.Film director Wolf Rilla is his son.

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