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Johannes Riemann was born on May 31, 1888 in Berlin . He was a German actor who was known to have made appearances in over 90 films since 1916. Apart from acting in films, it must also be noted that he started directing films and getting involved in the writing of scripts from 1934.

He had acting lessons with the likes of Anna von Strantz-Führing and Alexander Strakosch and later in 1908, he was engaged at the Hebbel Theater in Berlin . He was known to have performed at Teplitz, Meran and Marienbad , the Berlin Volksbühne and the Court Theater in Weimar.

With the assistance of Max Reinhardt, Johannes Riemann made it to the Deutsches Theater in Berlin around 1916.

Some of the films to his credit include 1916: Loosened chains, 1917: The Dombronowska-Clemenceau case, 1917: Ahasuerus (3 parts), 1917: The Giant’s Fist, 1918: The Begging Countess, 1918: Your big secret, 1918: Queen of Spades, 1918: Inge, 1919: Veritas Vincit, 1919: Einöd Castle, 1919: Will-o-the-wisp, 1919: Kill no more!, 1920: Anna Karenina, 1920: Nobody knows, 1922: The romance novel of Cesare Ubaldi, 1923: The Sun of St. Moritz, 1923: William Tell, 1923: Count Cohn and 1924: The Golden Calf.

Others include 1924: The City Without Jews, 1924: Prater, 1924: Rags and Silk, 1925: Elegant Pack, 1925: Marriage Advertisements, 1926: The Wiskottens, 1926: There Will Be a reunion at Home!, 1927: Innocence without a dress, 1927: Valencia, most beautiful of all roses, 1928: The stunt rider’s daughter, 1928: Miss Chauffeur, 1931: Love on Order (also co-directed), 1931: The Love Branch and 1932: The Million Testament.

Johannes Riemann died on September 30, 1959 in Konstanz .

Johannes Riemann’s Biography, Wikipedia

Details and biographies about Johannes Riemann can be accessed on Wikipedia.

Johannes Riemann’s Age, Birth Date

He was born May 31, 1888 in Berlin and died at the age of 71.

Johannes Riemann’s Height, Weight

The height and weight of Johannes Riemann are not available.

Johannes Riemann’s Net Worth

His net worth is not available.

Johannes Riemann’s Parents, Girlfriend, Wife, Children

Johannes Riemann was known to be married but the name of his wife and other details are yet to be updated. The same can be said of his parents and children.

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