Hugo Egon Balder Cause of Death: Full Details

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Hugo Egon Balder can be described as a German television presenter, producer and comedian. Hugo Egon Balder was born on March 22, 1950, which suggests that he is currently 53 years old.

It is important that the German television presenter, producer and comedian, was born in West Berlin. His parents are Egon Friedrich Balder who lived between 1904 and 1970, and Gerda Balder who also lived between 1910 and 1997.

Hugo Egon Balder’s mother was Jewish and was one of the survivors of the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp together with her mother and son from her initial marriage. In 1986, Hugo Egon Balder became one of the founding members of the Krautrock Band, Birth Control.

Between 1973 and 1976, Hugo Egon Balder learned the tenets of acting. He was given training in acting at a private acting school in Berlin.

Soon after having the training, he joined and became a member of the Berliner Schillertheater. He left the Berliner Schillertheater and moved to the ensemble of the Dusseldorf cabaret Kom(m)odchen in 1985.

While there, Hugo Egon Balder collaborated with the likes of Lore Lorentz and Herald Schmidt. It can also be said that Hugo Egon Balder’s performances made known as a pop singer. His single ‘Erna Kommt’ which was released in 1985 was very successful.

It is important to note that Hugo Egon Balder worked at Radio Luxembourg. He hosted various shows at the radio station and in 1984, he started making appearances on RTL television.

Between 1988 and 1992, Hugo Egon Balder became quite popular. This was due to the shows Alles nichts order? and Tutti Frutti which he hosted on RTL. He was also much involved in the production of April April which was hosted by Frank Eistner as well as RTL Samstag Nacht.

Hugo Egon Balder is known to be currently working as the producer and show host of Genial daneben as well as the spin-off Genial daneben -Das Quiz on Sat.1

Hugo Egon Balder Cause of Death

Currently, there is no report or information that suggests or confirms the death of Hugo Egon Balder.

Personal Life

Hugo Egon Balder is known to have two children. He is divorced and has been married four times.


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