How To Check E-Zwich Account Balance Online


The rapid technological advancement in recent times can be felt in the banking industry as well. Part of these technological innovations is the cashless system

In this era, people can rely greatly on monetary transactions that utilize electronic means rather than carrying cash along for transactions. For instance: the E-Zwich system.

E-Zwich was lunched in 2018 by the Central Bank Of Ghana. E-Zwich is the trade name for the National Switch and Smart card payment system. The idea behind this innovation is to enhance the accessibility of banking and retail services in Ghana.

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One laudable feature of the E-Zwich system is that, e-zwich cardholders can perform banking and retail transactions at the premises of other e-zwich financial institutions without necessarily creating an account with those respective financial institutions.

One more thing, employers can equally pay their employees’ stipend through their e-zwich cards.

Get along with me as I share with you the steps on “How to check your E-Zwich account balance online”. Yet still, you will get to know the features and benefits of the E-Zwich system in this post. 

E-Zwich Features


The e-zwich POS can take care of both online and offline transactions. Considering the dual capability of the e-zwich POS, people in some parts of the country where there are no good communication networks, can also access the system.

In effect, those in remotes part of Ghana can equally undertake transactions such as: Cash withdrawal, Cash Deposit and Sales with their E-Zwich cards . 


To maintain a higher security standard, the E-Zwich cardholders undergo a biometric (fingerprint) client authentication.

Basically, all the fingers of a cardholder are scanned during the enrolment period and stored on the card.

Consequently, when a cardholder wants to perform transactions, the e-zwich device (ATM or POS), will require the verification of the cardholder by comparing the fingerprint given on the device scanner to any of the fingerprints stored on the card. 


As at now, E-Zwich cards can be used across all major banks, rural banks and, savings and loans financial institutions in Ghana. Even most retail and corporate merchants render e-zwich services to all e-zwich cardholders.

N.B.: E-Zwich card is valid for 10 years. 

Benefits of e-Zwich Card

As it can be clearly seen, the e-zwich system is here to make things quite easy in the banking industry. Below are some of the benefits of using an E-Zwich card.

  • With the integration of GPRS, one can load or transfer funds within a very short period of time. 
  • E-Zwich cardholders can perform transactions at any e-zwich financial institution (usually banks) in Ghana. 
  • One can make cash deposit on it. 
  • One can use it transfer cash.
  • One can use it to pay or receive his/her salary.
  • One can use it to pay bills. 
  • It is safe and secure because of the fingerprint identification.

How To Check Your E-Zwich Account Balance

  • Find any of the e-zwich financial institutions (or banks) in the country. Make a visit (along with your Ghana card). 
  • Consult (or enquire) the tellers that you want to check your e-zwich (account) balance.
  • The teller will then request for your e-zwich card however, you will be interrogated to find out whether the e-zwich card belongs to you or not. 
  • Without paying a penny, the teller will then check your account balance for you and in most cases, a print out slip which contains your account balance will be given to you.

How To Check Your E-Zwich Account Balance Online

Currently, there is no means by which one can check his or her E-Zwich Account Balance Online. However, we will update you when that breakthrough happens.

You can share your experience on the E-Zwich card with us. 

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