Gudrun Ströer’s Cause Of Death; Full Details

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Gudrun Ströer is a doctor from Bad Kohlgrub who gained nationwide attention when she was sentenced to two years in prison without parole by the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district court for issuing incorrect health certificates.

In today’s article, we take a look into her life as well as her cause of death if truly she has passed away.

Gudrun Ströer’s Biography

Gudrun Ströer was a doctor who was imprisoned for giving out incorrect health certificates to people.

Both the Munich II public prosecutor’s office and lawyer Christian Langhorst appealed the verdict, and Ströer’s defence counsel also filed an appeal against the professional ban imposed on her.

The appeals procedure was begun in order to impose a harsher penalty on Ströer since the public prosecutor had first requested a two-year and six-month prison sentence.

The deputy press spokesman for the Munich II public prosecutor’s office, Matthias Enzler, acknowledged that both parties involved had filed appeals.

The fundamental cause for the appeals was the disparity in sentences and the prosecution’s claim that the defendant deserved a harsher punishment.

During the trial, it was claimed that Ströer granted 309 certifications for mask exemption without first examining the patients during the early phases of the coronavirus epidemic.

The audience booed as Judge Andreas Pfisterer accused her of simply certifying on demand.

Another complaint raised by the judge was that Ströer continued to issue certificates after the practice was raided and files were confiscated in July 2020.

Throughout the trial, Ströer claimed herself as a member of the “indigenous Germanite people,” claiming an advantage over state sovereignty. This resulted in Enzler’s interruptions and requests to halt her “Reichsbürger show.”

When reporters approached Ströer, he declined to comment on the hearing or the appeal.

Ströer’s public defender, Langhorst, expressed remorse for the lack of prior agreement and interaction with his client.

He thought there was a chance for a defence and hoped to gather further information. Cliff Radke, who appointed himself as the defence counsel for the appeal, remained active in the case as well.

On August 3rd, the major hearing was marked by volatility and unexpected circumstances. Spectators were continually heckling, and a large police and security presence was required.

Ströer was ordered to be taken into prison at one point, resulting in a tumultuous scene in which four police officers forcibly removed her from the courtroom. Some onlookers attempted to interfere but were unsuccessful.

The situation ultimately cooled down, and Ströer returned to the meeting room to applause from some onlookers after nearly three hours. She still refused to sit, and Pfisterer permitted her to stand throughout the proceedings.

Despite the trial’s disruptive nature, Pfisterer expressed relief that the meeting could continue reasonably normally.

The outcome of the appeal procedure will determine whether the initial sentence and professional ban are upheld or changed.

Gudrun Ströer’s Cause Of Death

Gudrun Ströer is not dead as there is limited information on her demise on the internet currently.

Gudrun Ströer is alive and kicking as she faces his judgement being upheld or changed.




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