How To Start Grasscutter Farming In Ghana. Complete Guide 2021

grasscutter farming ghana

Grasscutter farming in Ghana. How to start and become successful.

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Are you looking for an Agric business that promises high profits but requires low capital? I will recommend you start grasscutter farming. The demand for grasscutter meat is on the rise.

It is one of the underexplored business opportunities in agriculture.

Grasscutter breeding is highly profitable and a lucrative business you can try your hands on.

In this guide I am going to show you the complete process of starting and making profits from just grasscutter rearing.

The low cost of starting a grasscutter farm and the high demand of its meat are enough reasons to get you started.

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The guide will also cover:

  • Where to buy grasscutter cages in Ghana
  • Challenges faced in grasscutter farming.
  • How to make huge profits rearing grasscutter in Ghana.
  • And a lot more.

If you are really interested in making a fortune from grasscutter rearing, kindly read this post to the end. Are you ready for something awesome?

Let’s get started.

Chapter One: The Basics Of Grasscutter Farmng.

What is a grasscutter?

A grasscutter is a rodent of the rat family that can be found in the wild mostly in West Africa. They used to be hunted but it can now be reared domestically.

Why should you start a grasscutter farm?

  • It is highly profitable
  • People in both rural and urban areas like grasscutter meat. The demand is on the rise.
  • You don’t require special skills to start.
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Write a business plan.

It is recommended that you write a well-detailed business plan of how you intent to start your grasscutter farm. Failing to do this will be a disadvantage.

Before you start a grasscutter farm in Ghana, write a business plan. It should include the following

  • The proposed location you want to start your business
  • The capital required to start
  • And many others.

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Checking your finances

How much do you need to commence a farm of this type? Well, I am covering the amount needed to start a grasscutter farm in Ghana in this section.

The capital required to start is highly dependent on how big or small you want your farm to be. It is always advisable that you start small and grow big over time.

I suggest you get a substantial amount (GHS 500 or more) to start a backyard grasscutter farm. If you prefer starting big, then about GHC 2,000 will be suitable.

In the next chapters, you will see the prices of grasscutters and their cages too. This will help you understand how much is needed to begin.

NB: If you need a professional consultations on grasscutter farming, CLICK HERE to WhatsApp Us. There is a fee of GHS 10 before we attend to you.

Starting the grasscutter rearing business/farm.

Choosing a location and Building the structure.

This is a crucial factor to consider during planning.  The type of housing used in rearing grasscutter is not the same as used in pig farming or poultry farming.

The housing unit must be well ventilated, has proper lightening and floored with concrete. Although you can raise grasscutter using different systems but it is highly recommended that you raise them under the intensive system. This increase the growth rate.

The size of the house you intend to construct depends on the number of grasscutters to be reared.

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There are two types of grasscutter farming cages you can choose from. They are:

  • The open pen: they are not enclosed with any covering on top.
  • The closed pen: they are covered with appropriate roofing material.

It is recommended that you use concrete or metal in the construction of the pen. Straw, bamboo or wood can be eaten by the grasscutters.

Where to get grasscutter to buy (breeding stock).

They are different places to get breeding stock to buy. You can buy from Jiji Ghana from the link below. Check the weight of the stock. It is recommended that you ask for more details from a veterinary officer to ensure you get the right breed.

In grasscutter breeding, one male is enough to serve 10 females.

The gestation period for grasscutter is approximately 22 weeks (meaning it can only reproduce twice a year).

Four offsprings are produced per reproduction.

Taking care of the grasscutters

Management of grasscutters is crucial to the success of your business. They must be served with high quality feed to ensure maximum growth.

Feeding grasscutters. What do they eat?

Grasscutter feed mainly on green forage. I have listed examples of grasscutter feeds below

  • Cassava
  • Potato
  • Yam
  • Cassava peels and scraps.
  • Moringa
  • Corn
  • Sorghum
  • Millet
  • Rice
  • Powdered oyster
  • Snail or egg shells, with bone meal
  • Groundnut
  • Dry bread
  • Corn or sorghum bran
  • Groundnut and palm kernel cakes
  • Wheat bran
  • Brewers’ dried grain
  • Cores from the crowns of palm, coconut or pineapple trees or banana plants
  • Green papaya
  • The trunk of the papaya
  • Bamboo shoots

For proper feed utilization, the grasscutters should be served fodder two hours before the concentrates, once or twice a day. Dry grassy fodder before serving.

Provide clean and fresh water at all times.


Managing their health

Just like poultry farming, grasscutters also face health challenges that affect their performance.

Ensure proper hygiene is maintained in their pens and its surroundings. The feeding and drinking equipment must always be kept clean to prevent the invasion of harmful microbes.

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You can administer vitamins, sweetened lemon juice and other supplements at periodic intervals to boost the immunity of the grasscutters.

Signs of sickness in grasscutter.

  • Rough fur
  • Death of suckling babies
  • Weight loss
  • Lump in the skin
  • Diarrhoea
  • Coughing

Contact the nearest veterinary officer near you for assistance in case you notice any of the above signs of disease.

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Bonus chapter: Sell your products and make profits.

Now that the pigs are fully matured and have produced as expected, it is time to sell your produce to potential customers.

You need to advertise to get customers.

You can partner with local restaurants, cold store owners to buy your produce directly at a reduced cost.

This makes you sell faster.

You can also slaughter and sell some as grilled meat.


Branding and registering the business.

After you have successfully set up your pig farm business in Ghana, you have to do the needful. Get the business registered and pay the necessary taxes to prevent facing problems in the future.  We have given a definitive guide on how to register a business in Ghana. Kindly click the link below to see how you can get your pig farm registered with ease.

NB: If you need a professional consultations on grasscutter farming, CLICK HERE to WhatsApp Us. There is a fee of GHS 10 before we attend to you.

I hope this guide has given you a full insight about grasscutter farming in Ghana.

Gain some experience before starting yours by talking few grasscutter farmers in Ghana, asking questions and executing whatever you learn.

Start the farm.

Now I would like to know your views.

Have you started a grasscutter farm already or you are not planning to start one?

If you’ve one already, how is it going?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Thank you.


  1. Thanks allot for your article. I have plans of engaging in this venture long ago, now my challenge is the pen and where to get the breeding. I need some little training also.

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