Health Benefits of Nyanya Leaves

We bring you the health benefits of nyanya leaves. This leave is one of the indigenous African leaves offering severing physical and spiritual benefits.

This post focuses on every health benefits this amazing leaf has to offer. In our previous post we discussed about the spiritual benefits of nyanya leaves and how to apply it. You can check that our HERE.

If you live in our part of the world where herbal medicine is given much attention, you should consider nyanya leaves as well.

Aside its enormous spiritual significance, nyanya leaves has several health benefits to we Ghanaians and other Africans.

Momodica Foetida is the scientific name for nyanya leaves.

If you are not abreast with herbal medications, you should begin to embrace nyanya because it comes with a lot of health benefits.

Nyanya has the potential to clear bacterial infections from the body. It works perfectly when boiled

  • Use to treat malaria

It is also known to be a good antimalarial

  • Used to treat worm infestation

Drinking water drained from nyanya leaves helps to treat worm infestations. It is a very good dewormer. Our grandfathers used this method to safely deworm until the introduction of orthodox medicines.

  • Treat kidney diseases

Nyanya leaves also helps in treating several kidney diseases. The leaves when boiled and taken, helps to urinate a lot. Thus, it helps clears the body off any infections that may affect the kidneys.

nyanya leaves

  • Treat gonorrhea

  • Use in setting fractured bones

  • It is used to treat diabetes

Nyanya is well known by Ghanaians for controlling the level of glucose in a diabetic patient. It is highly recommended that people with diabetes mellitus should drink the water from boiled nyanya leaves hence reducing the glucose level in their blood.

  • Treats Urinary tract infections

Do you have any questions related to the health benefits of nyanya leaves? Leave a comment below. Our team will get back to you shortly. Thank you.

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  1. How is Nyanya used to treat bone problems?Also is it possible to boil Nyanya together with nunum for any infestations

  2. How is Nyanya used to treat bone problems?Also is it possible to boil Nyanya together with Bynum for any infestations


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