Ghanaian Herbs And Their Uses


In this article, we would be sharing with you Ghanaian herbs and their uses. We know Ghana is one of the countries in the world that depends on herbs in curing diseases. With some people opting for orthodox drugs, others find the herbs beneficial and without side-effects when used in their right proportion. So we would take you through some of these herbs and what they are used for. So if you are someone who uses herbs a lot this article is for. Also, even if you are not interested in herbs, you can stick around, maybe this information can aid someone.

So with all those said let’s move to the main reason of this article. Below is list of all these herbs and their uses.

Acacia kamerunensis also known as Oguaben in Twi

It is used for cleaning teeth.

Paullinia pinnata is called Toatin in Twi

Its roots are used as an aphrodisiac. It can also be used to treat sores.

Griffonia simplicifolia is called Kagya in Twi

The leaves can be used to treat a boil, fresh wounds, soreness in the head and insect stink.

Thevetia neriifolia is known as Nyereme-Nyereme in Twi

This herb is used to treat headaches.

Aspilia Africana is also called Mfofo in Twi

This plant also treats diarrhoea and stomach ulcer.

Anthocleista Nobilis is also known as Awudifo Kete/ Dontidei in Twi

The roots of this plant are used treat infectious diseases of the throat known as diphtheria and it is also good for curing gonorrhoea. The leaves of the plant are used to help toddlers walk.

Nicotiana tabacum is known as Bonto in Twi

The leaves help to treat waist pains, toothache and headaches.

Senna occidentalis is called Mmfrabrode in Twi

The leaves, roots and seeds are used for treatment. The leaves treat fever, stomachache and boil. The roots are also used to cure dysmenorrhoea and measles. And the seeds are used for treating hypertension.

Phyllanthus fraternus is also called Abomma Agu W’akyi, Awobe in Twi

We use the leaves of this plant to treat typhoid and fever. It also cures stomach pain and facilitates child delivery.

Pisonia aculeata is called Akobowere in Twi

The bark of this tree is used to treat cough, chest pains and is also used as an aphrodisiac (sexual weakness).

Pycnanthus angolensis is known as Otie in Twi, Oti in Ga and Etsiw in Fante

The bark of this tree cures fever and rheumatism.  A portion of the bark can be used to treat anaemia.

Alstonia boonei is known as Nyamedua in Twi

The bark of this tree also cures measles.

Terminalia superba is known as Ofram in Twi

The bark of this tree cures diarrhoea and the leaves for treating a fracture.

Ficus exasperata is called Nyankyerene in Twi

The bark of this tree is used for treating toothache. The leaves also treats cataracts, cough, and infertility.

Ocimum gratissimum is known as Onunum, Nunum in Twi

The leaves of this plant are used in treating anaemia, dysentery, headache, typhoid, ulcer, sore and stomach ache.

Newbouldia laevis is known as   Susumasa, Sasanemasa in Twi

The bark helps to treat fractures, menstrual pains, piles, and body pains. The leaves also cures typhoid.

These and many Ghanaian herbs are really useful in curing diseases. Some of these herbs can also be used in preparing meals. They really have a lot of benefits. You can also comment the ones you think we left out in the comment section.

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