How To Write Lesson Notes In Ghana

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In this article, we will be furnishing you with the approved method and formats by the Ghana Education Service in writing lesson notes,

Preparing lesson notes is one of the essential characteristics any good teacher must possess. It is obligatory for public and private schools teachers in Ghana to write down lesson notes each week when school is in session.

The lesson notes are to be handed over to the principals of the school every week to prove and also discover the teacher’s readiness for the week upfront.

There’s a strong  hatred for lesson notes writing by most teachers as they think it is high time the stressful activity should be trashed

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Randomly and without an announcement, circuit supervisors visit schools to certify the prevalence of the lesson notes and if they are in line with the scheme of work.

Things To Do Before Writing Lesson Notes

  1. Know your purpose

2. Write your outline 

3. Plan your schedule

4. Know your students

5. Use different student communication designs

6. Use different learning methods

Format for Writing Lesson Notes In Ghana


The teacher writes down the date of the and time which he is going to use for the lessons.

The teacher writes down the topic he is going to discuss with the pupil during the class. He also makes sure he includes all the sub-topic which fall under his main topic.

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Here the teacher specifies the knowledge pupils have already on the topic. He continues to list down his main aim or what he wants to achieve at the end of the lesson.

Teaching Learning Activities

The teacher figures out and writes down a unique way of introducing the topic to people. After, he continues to list down his strategic method which is known as Activity on how he is going to teach the topic to the pupils’ understanding. Targeting the understanding level of the weakest among the pupil.

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Teaching Learning Materials

The teacher writes down all the materials and equipment he is going to use during his period of teaching in class. Here, he must list basically all the materials he uses including the board and the marker or chalk he writes with.

Core Points

Here, the teacher states the most important points in the topic he is about to teach.


The teacher writes out questions to pupils to evaluate their understanding of the topic they have been taught.

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