Manifesto For Entertainment Prefect – Sample

Electoral positions over the years have become one of the hard-earned positions one could assume.

It requires a lot of hardworking and dedicated people coming together to form a team to win an election. It is through this that every activity taken on the way of success is highly rated yet some are more superior to others. A manifesto is considered one of the key ingredients in the success of an election.

A good manifesto is capable of winning the votes of electorates. What a manifesto does is to lay to the people the ideas of the candidate and his plans for the development of the society when he is voted into power.

Characteristics Of A Good Manifesto 

⦁ It speaks of something real
⦁ It is achievable
⦁ It has measurable content
⦁ It speaks hope

Manifesto To Become Entertainment Prefect

The Headmaster, Assistant Headmasters, Teaching staff, Prefects Outgoing, Colleague Students, I consider it a great opportunity to be present before you all today reading out my manifesto as I aspire for the position of entertainment prefect.

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Entertainment has really come to a stay as a professional career ready to pay the bills and provide food for many people in the country. This is the main reason among others why I think the whole concept of entertainment in our schools must be revised. These are some of the things I will be doing;

1. Revision of the general timetable to include entertainment. I will make sure entertainment is included in our daily classwork timetable. Students will be taught entertainment with all seriousness and discipline in class so as to enlighten them on the career paths they could build from that sector.

2. Construction of Entertainment Facilities. I shall ensure that the school will have all the basic facilities needed to enhance the teaching and training of students who have unique talents and desire to enter the entertainment industry.

3. Organization of Entertainment programs. I shall make sure I bring onboard some popular celebrities in the entertainment industry such as Sarkodie, Shatta Wale. Jackie Appiah, etc. at least once every term to perform and also motivate students on the benefits and the beauty of being in the entertainment industry.

4. I will see to it that students who fail to attend entertainment activities are punished.

Any student who exempts him or herself from any entertainment activity will be punished. When this happens, other learners will take any sort of entertainment activity very serious 

The Headmaster, Assistant Headmasters, Teaching staff, Prefects Outgoing, Colleague Students I believe you all shall consider my interest and willingness to raise the entertainment bar in this our noble institution and vote for me. Thank you

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