Ghana Prison Service Ranks And Symbols


The Ghana Prisons Service is one of the sectors that has been of interest to many people especially, those who want to work over there. As a matter of fact, if for any reason you are interested in knowing more about The Ghana Prisons Service, then this post is specifically designed for you.

This post will talk about: Ghana Prisons Service, salary structure of the Ghana Prisons Service, ranks within The Ghana Prisons Service, etc. 

About The Ghana Prison Service

The Ghana Prisons Service is liable for the secure custody of prisoners in Ghana, as well as their well-being, reclamation and regeneration. The Ghana Prisons Service is under the administration of the Ministry of the Interior and also, governed by the Prison Service Council (serves as an advisory and supervisory body). 

The Ghana Prisons Service is headquartered in Greater Accra region. It is made up of the Controller-General of Prisons and two Deputy Controller-General of Prisons, Seven Controllers of Prisons and other key office holders.

Some objectives of The Ghana Prisons Service include: safeguarding prisoners, minimizing the risk of prisoners re-transgressing and rendering a safe and well-ordered establishments in which prisoners are treated kindly, ethically and legally.

Some policies of The Ghana Prisons Service include: enacting of sentences in a softhearted manner to minimize re-transgressing, rendering opportunities to prisoners to evolve their skills through vocational training, formal education and moral training, improving the wellbeing of prisoners, protecting the rights of prisoners, etc. 

Ghana Prison Service Ranks

The Ghana Prisons Service like other sectors, has various ranks. The ranking system depicts the roles and extent of responsibilities of workers in this sector and also, the salary structure of workers. 

A worker in this sector can be promoted from a lower rank to a higher rank. The position of the Director General Of Prisons is the highest rank of The Ghana Prisons Service.

The various ranks in The Ghana Prisons Service that will be talked about here include: Officer Cadet, Assistant Supt. of Prisons, Deputy Supt. of Prisons, Superintendent of Prisons, Chief Superintendent of Prisons, Assistant Director of Prisons, Deputy Director of Prisons, Director of Prisons, Deputy Director-General of Prisons and, Director-General of Prisons.

Officer Cadet

The Officer Cadet is actually the title given to newbies, those undertaking training sessions at the Prisons Officers School.

Assistant Superintendent Of Prisons

Rank: First. 

After successfully completing training, an Officer Cadet is given this rank. The Assistant Superintendent Of Prisons undertake staff duties (supervision, treatment, custody and inmates training).

Deputy Superintendent Of Prisons

Rank: Second. 

Some responsibilities of the Deputy Superintendent Of Prisons include: booking and releasing of offenders, maintaining the facility’s security and authorizing the escort of inmates (in and outside of prison facility).

Superintendent Of Prisons

Rank: Third

Some responsibilities of the Superintendent Of Prisons include: overall coordination and etc.

Chief Superintendent Of Prisons

Rank: Fourth

Some responsibilities of the Chief Superintendent Of Prisons include: coordination of rehabilitation service and etc 

Assistant Director Of Prisons

Rank: Fifth

Some responsibilities of the Assistant Director Of Prisons include: execution of GPS policy as it has to do with prison administration, the wellbeing of the prison inmates, appropriate training for the prisoner’s reformation in society.

Deputy Director Of Prisons

Rank: Sixth

Some functions of the Deputy Director Of Prisons include: exercising control or superintendence over prison facilities in the region, internal management cum economy of prison inmates under his authority and etc.

Director Of Prisons

Rank: Seventh

Some responsibilities of the Director Of Prisons include: analysing and recommending action on status requests (matters concerning budgets), identification of needs and priorities which are in turn passed to the Director-General Of Prisons to be taken into account and etc. 

Deputy Director Of General Of Prisons

Rank: Eighth

Director General Of Prisons

Rank: Ninth 

The highest rank. The responsibilities of the Director General Of Prisons include: administration and operational control of the Prisons Service, acts as the overall head of the Ghana Prisons Services and execution of all decisions taken by the Prisons Service Council.

Ghana Prison Service Junior Officers Ranks

  •  2nd Class Officer
  • Lance Corporal
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Assistant Chief Office
  • Officer
  • Senior Chief Office

Units And Departmnents In Ghana Prisons Services

  • Finance And Administration
  • Human Resource
  • Development
  • Agric
  • Welfare
  • Support Services
  • Service And Technical
  • Security And Operation
  • Inmate Skill Development And Rehabilitation

Salary Structure Of The Ghana Prisons Service

Based on qualifications and ranks, Prison Officers earn an approximate amount of: GH¢ 1,700 — GH¢ 4,000 per month. 



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