BNI Recruitment Requirements. June 2022

Full details of Bureau Of National Investigations (BNI) Recruitment Requirements. This post gives you an update on this year’s Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) recruitment requirements.

More lights will be shed on the needed qualifications, mode of acquiring the application form, requirements, portal updates and several other things you ought to know.

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Before we move further in this post, you might be wondering what BNI actually means. Well, the meaning and functions of Bureau Of Investigation (BNI) are provided below. 

What Is Bureau Of National Investigations?

BNI was founded in 1996 and, it is the internal intelligence agency of Ghana. The Bureau Of National Investigations has its main branch in Accra however, there are other unknown offices of the BNI across other regions of Ghana.

The Bureau Of National Investigations is composed of both military and civilian personnel.  

The Bureau Of Investigation is an intrinsic part of the National Security Council which preside over matters of the counterintelligence, cyberwarfare, intelligence and internal security of Ghana. By legislation, BNI has the mandate to interrogate, arrest or detain culprits over varieties of criminal offenses.

Mode Of BNI Recruitment

The criteria for recruiting people into the Bureau Of National Investigations is solely determined by the BNI. The BNI admits those that meet their criteria. 

BNI Recruitment Application Form and Portal

Bureau Of National Investigations is opened to any qualified Ghanaian. As said earlier, BNI is composed of both military and civilian personnel hence, anyone who falls within this category can apply for this year’s Bureau Of National Investigations application forms.

For now, we are looking forward to give you an update on this year’s Bureau Of National Investigations application forms. Keep checking this page to be updated once the BNI application forms have been released.

Yet still, you can directly check whether the BNI application forms are in or not via their website. 

Please be very careful of those who are selling fake forms and also, confirm it first from the BNI’s website before making any form purchase. Once again, be very vigilant of those who claim they can get you into the BNI. 

BNI Contact Information

For more enquires, we will entreat you to reach out to The Bureau Of National Investigations thru 0302 223812. Yet still, get to their official website for detailed info. 

Bureau Of National Investigations is headquartered in the Greater Accra region. 

How To Reach Us

You can reach us through our contact information and also, through our social media handles. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. All the best, thanks. 






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