Gay Bars In Birmingham Alabama. Full Details


In this post, I am going to take you through the various Gay bars in Birmingham, Alabama, their physical address and the necessary contact details to get in touch with them. 

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About Gay Bars 

A gay bar is a drinking facility that caters to a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) audience exclusively or mostly; the term gay is used to refer to LGBTQ+ populations as a whole.

Homosexual bars were once the epicentre of gay culture, and one of the few venues where people of same-sex orientations and gender-variant identities could mingle openly. Depending on the particular populations they serviced, these places were also known as boy bars, girl bars, gay clubs, gay pubs, queer bars, lesbian bars, drag bars, and dyke bars.

The importance of gay bars in the LGBT community has dwindled with the introduction of the Internet and a growing acceptance of LGBT persons throughout the Western world. In regions where there isn’t a gay bar, certain establishments may host a gay night.

If you are in Birmingham, Alabama and would like to check out in a gay club, then the following places below might be of interest to you. 

Gay Bars In Birmingham Alabama

1. Our Place

Enjoy conversation and drinks at this low-key video bar near the university.

Physical Address: 2115 7th Ave S Birmingham, AL 35233

Phone: +1 (205) 715-0077

2. Quest

This 24/7 nightclub is popular for dancing, drag shows, and karaoke.

Physical Address: 416 24th St S Birmingham, AL 35233
Near: at 5th Ave S

Phone: +1 (205) 251-4313

3. Al’s on Seventh

Grab a drink, relax on the outdoor patio, and catch some drag in the showroom.

Physical Address: 2627 7th Ave S Birmingham, AL 35233
Near: at 27th St S

Phone: +1 (205) 321-2812

4. Gip’s Place

Gip’s provides frequent live music, which usually draws a large crowd. People return time and time again because of the relaxed atmosphere and delicious meals. If you want to drink something alcoholic, bring it with you.

Physical Address: 

Phone: + 1 (205) 919-8142

5. Black Market Bar and Grill

Binge on bingo, burgers and, brunch at this local spot with a younger crowd and drink specials.

Physical Address: 2011 Highland Ave S Birmingham, AL 35205

Phone: +1 (205) 933-8035

6. Innisfree Irish Pub

Physical Address: 710 29th St S Birmingham, AL 35233

Phone: +1 (205) 252-4252

7. Lou’s Pub (and Package Store)

Both a package store and a bar, this neighbourhood watering hole is like no other place in Birmingham.

Physical Address: 726 29th St S Birmingham, AL 35233

Phone: +1 (205) 322-7005

8. The Brown Derby

Karaoke is a major attraction at this friendly neighbourhood bar. The Derby also has pool tables, horseshoes, and reasonable drink prices.

Physical Address: 3630 6th Ave S Birmingham, AL 35222

Phone: +1 (205) 595-0067


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