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G Shock Watches Prices In Ghana. Full Details. June 2023

In this post, I am going to take you through G Shock watches prices in Ghana, where you can buy them and the necessary contact details to get in touch with dealers. 

Before we get into details let’s learn about how G SHOCK came about. 

The G SHOCK Story 

I want to make a timepiece that will not break, even if dropped.” This proposal, submitted at an internal meeting over 35 years ago, suggested that the development should be a one-man job handled by Kikuo Ibe, the engineer responsible for the external design of watches at the time.

It was considered a clear, simple idea that had come up when a watch happened to drop and break during working hours. Watches are delicate precision instruments, and, at that time, it seemed only natural that they should break when falling to the floor.

The concept of a tough watch seemed not only unconventional but even nonsensical. Nevertheless, the proposal was accepted. A project team comprising just three people was formed — and the development of the new watch began.

The G Shock team’s initial approaches to overturning common sense began from zero. They first assumed it would be best to cover the entire watch with a soft material. A few dropping experiments put that idea to rest without delay.

They found that a watch would break no matter how much shock-absorbent rubber was adhering to the case exterior. And the more cushioning material they attached, the more the size increased. The experimental model soon swelled to the size of a large softball.

A 5-step shock-absorbent structure that protected the module, or heart of the watch, with five cushioning materials was eventually devised, solving the size problem. But a new problem concerning the strength of the electronic parts soon arose. When the team members tried to reinforce the parts, they became caught up in a vicious cycle in which strengthening one broken part led to the breakage of another.

This unanticipated process of trial and error continued day after day: The developers

With development apparently going nowhere, Ibe made a decision in despair. In one final effort, he would set a time limit of one week on his own initiative and spend all his waking hours on research. If that were not enough, he would consider resigning from his job.

After another week without success, the fateful day arrived. Ibe stepped outside the laboratory building to catch a breath of fresh air in a park next door, where he saw a child bouncing a rubber ball.

Suddenly, inspiration struck him: “If you attached a watch to that ball, it could endure severe shocks.” The idea that sprang to mind in this miracle moment expanded to complete a unique structure in which the module at the heart of the watch floats in the air within a hollow structure inside A Tunnel with the case.

Why People Love G SHOCK Watches 

G shock watches are built to take anything. Tough, water-resistant, shock resistant, and more. G-SHOCK’s digital watches offer durability with classic style. Whether you’re looking for something to wear to the office, something for your next adventure or everyday wear G SHOCK has something for you. 

G SHOCK watches are made with various ranges of watch materials including, mineral glass, cloth, Titanium, Carbon, Resin, Sapphire crystal, Ion-Plated, Stainless steel, etc. 

G SHOCK watches are among the highly sought after watches on the Ghanaian market due to their durability and affordability. 

G SHOCK watches come in many types including one for extreme conditions, interchangeable bands, Ana-Digi, Sports, Limited edition, Digital Only, Mud resistant, Analog only, etc. 

G Shock Watches Prices In Ghana

G SHOCK watches prices in Ghana can be considered relatively expensive, but looking at the quality and durability of the brand the price is worth it. After going into the watch market we found out that the average price of G SHOCK watches in Ghana is GHS 198.00

Where to Buy G SHOCK Watches In Ghana 

For convenience sake, you can order your G SHOCK watch at any of the websites listed below. 

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