Florin Salam’s Death: Full Details

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Florin Stoian was a  Roma manele singer who was born on October 1, 1979. When he was a teenager, he sang with the ensembles of his father and uncle.

When his father became old and could not continue singing, Florin Stoian took over from his father and sang with his uncle under the name Florin Fermecătoru’.

Due to the friendship Florin Stoian had with bandleader Dan Bursuc, Dan Bursuc helped him to work on his first single titled “Ce gagică șmecherită” (English: Such a picky chick), in 2002.

Towards the end of 2002, Florin Salam changed his stage name from “Fermecătorul” (English: charming) to the Arabic “Salam” (English: peace, cf. Hebrew shalom). He achieved great success with his first song and this motivated him to record more songs and market them with the help of Dan Bursuc.

Florin Stoian released his first album of manele and was able to sell more than 40,000 copies. The album was well-received by music lovers and his fans.

Through Dan Bursuc, Florin Stoian was able to meet artists such as Vali Vijelie, Nicolae Guță and Daniela Gyorfi who also did the same genre as Florin Stoian.

Later on, Costi Ioniță recorded one of the albums of Florin Stoian. The album was recorded in Constanța where Costi Ioniță had his own recording studio.

Florin Stoian performed with pop singer Paula Seling and the Bucharest Symphonic Orchestra in 2008 and the show was seen as a reconciliation between manele and mainstream pop music as it addressed the issue of ethnic intolerance.

He also collaborated with the Bosnian musician Goran Bregović in October 2011 and he recorded “Hopa Cupa” and “Omule” with him.

Florin Salam’s Death

There is no record or report to confirm that Florin Salam is dead. He should still be alive as of now.

Florin Salam Marriage

Florin Salam got married to Ștefania in September 2007, in Antalya, Turkey. Adrian Minune was the best man was manele singer and a close collaborator.

It was reported that the marriage cost not less than 500,000 euros. Unfortunately, Ștefania died on April 12, 2009, as a result of kidney failure aggravated by a kidney infection.

She had also been diagnosed with hepatic cirrhosis. Between the time Ștefania died and 2013, Florin Salam was single but later he met Oana, a young woman from Ploiești.

Their relationship only lasted for few months. He got into a relationship with Roxana Dobre who got pregnant.

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