Ewe Names For Baby Boy. Complete List

Like other tribes in Ghana, Ewes place a huge significance on names. Ewe are the people from the Volta Region in Ghana.


In this article, we are giving you a complete list of Ewe names for boys. If you are planning of a name for your newly born baby boy, you are at the right place. They also give local names to both boys and girls. Most Ewes have middle names and it is therefore hard to see one without a middle name.

A lot of factors determine how a baby Ewe boy is named. Some of these factors include:

  • When the child was born
  • Twins or not
  • Circumstances around their birth
  • Religion
  • Clan
  • And more

A child can be named after a deceased person who lived a life worth emulating. Others are also named after a living person whose life are also worth emulating. Are you an Ewe? What is your name? leave that in the comment section.

List of Ewe names for Baby Boys

  • Atsu
  • Agbenyo
  • Agbenyega
  • Agbeko
  • Agbemafle
  • Agbesi
  • Amenyo
  • Edudzi
  • Etse
  • Normenye
  • Asempa
  • Papaga
  • Kporha
  • Korkoe
  • Kosi
  • Kodzo
  • Yao
  • Komla
  • Kobla
  • Kofi
  • Kwami
  • Mawuli
  • Mawunyo
  • Kekeli
  • Mawuko
  • Mawunya
  • Mawulikem
  • Nukunu
  • Nuyanti
  • Senyo
  • Zanetor
  • Yingor
  • Nuyanti
  • Abra
  • Akosua
  • Aku
  • Anku
  • Akuvi
  • Aseye
  • Atsu
  • Atsufui
  • Kafui
  • Akpene
  • Afi
  • Bubune
  • Yayra
  • Enam
  • Etornam
  • Edinam
  • Ese
  • Elinam
  • Selasi
  • Deladem
  • Xorlali
  • Eyram
  • Exornam
  • Fafali
  • Lololi
  • Mawutor
  • Sefakor
  • Sitsofe
  • Nunana
  • Xeta
  • Yawa
  • Zanetor

ewe names for babies

We’ll keep updating this list with Ewe names for baby boys and girls. Thanks for passing by. If you have any further questions, leave a comment below in the comments section.

Ewe Names For Baby Boy. Complete List 2
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