Nurses Salary in Ghana. Full Details. January 2023

ghanaian nurse
ghanaian nurse salary

How much do nurses earn in Ghana? What is nurses salary per month in Ghana?

We will give you all the details you have to know in this post.

In this post we are going to make know to you every detail you need to know about a Nurse’s RN salary in Ghana.

Nurses are basically trained to care for the sick in the hospital and home.

They provide services such as serving of medications, giving health education, community service, assisting doctors in performing task and other related services.

In Ghana, we have general nurses, community health nurses, enrolled nurses, nurse practitioners and nurse assistants.

The highest amongst them is the Nursing officer who holds a degree in Nursing.

Nurses salary differs depending on your rank.

For example, a nurse who hold a bachelors degree earns higher salary than diploma and enrolled nurses.

Nurses in Ghana fall under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and are paid by the Ministry of Finance.

You might be planning to pursue a career in Nursing in Ghana but have little or no information about their salary structure.

This information is also useful for Nursing students.

We will answer the following question in details.

  • How much does a nurse earn in Ghana?
  • What is the salary structure of Nurses in Ghana?

Salaries paid to workers in the government sector are different from those who work in the private sector.

The salary of a nurse working in a private facility may differ depending on the needs of the hospital he or she is working at.

This post will focus mainly on the nurses employed by the government.


Nurses salary structure in Ghana

The information we are giving here is the pay slip of a nurse from the Accountant’s General Department.

The salary of a nurse is divided into different sections some of which include single spine, tax deductions and many more. See below a detailed breakdown of nurses’ salary in Ghana.

This is the salary structure of Nurses (2020 payslip)

  • Single spine monthly salary = GHS 1,848.00
  • SS Market Premium = GHS 509.51
  • Covid 19 Income Tax Waiver = GHS 317.45         


Monthly salary of nurses without deductions (GROSS)

Summing up the above, a nurse earns an average gross salary of GHS 2,674.96


Deductions made

Below are possible deductions that will be made from the salary.

  • SSNIT Contribution = GHC 101.64
  • Income Tax = GHS 317.45
  • Nurses Fund Union Deduction = GHS 50
  • Ghana Registered Nurses Association Dues = GHC 36.96


Main salary after deductions have been made

When all the above deduction are made, a staff NURSE in Ghana is expected to earn an average of GHC 1,900.


Things to note

Under normal circumstances, taxes should have been deducted from the salary but the government has given a tax waiver for all health workers due to the Covid 19 Pandemic

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Annual income of a Ghanaian Nurse

The annual gross salary amounts to GHS 22,174.41.


Nurses salary in a private hospital

Private hospital may pay its workers a little below or more of that of the public sector workers.

Nurses working in private health facilities are believed to be paid any amount ranging from GHS 1,000.00 – GHS 3,000.00 depending on the volume of work they do.

You can get more information from the facility you intend working at.



Aside the monthly pay given to a nurse, there might be financial bonuses that comes directly from the facility he or she is working with.

The monthly payment given to nurses in Ghana is considerably manageable.

However, due to the high rate of living in recent times most nurses opt for second or part time job or even start a business.


  1. It’s disheartening how an individual with 3 or more years of training, with a diploma after tedious nursing work will receive ¢1800 after tax deductions and another with just WASSCE Certificate, after 6 months of training will come out as a junior force worker and receive ¢2100 after tax deduction monthly. No wonder all nurses and teachers are applying for force work.

  2. The highest rank in nursing is not the nursing officer but rather the director of nursing.
    The ranks are as follows: Auxiliary nurses, staff nurse, senior staff nurse, nursing officer, senior nursing officer, principal nursing officer, deputy director of nursing services, director of nursing services

      • Please the highest rank in Nursing currently is The Nurse consultant.
        The was after the introduction of Specialist training by the GHANA COLLEGE OF NURSES AND MIDWIVES, which places a graduate of the College at the rank of Nurse Specialist. Then moves above to the consultant level. However, currently no one has gotten to the consultant level since the first graduate from the college has spent just less than years after graduation. Tnx

    • How much does a new recruit degree nurse receive??? Can I gain master’s degree immediately after the first degree??? How much might a nurse with master’s degree receive???

  3. How much is a diploma medical laboratory technician and diploma general nurse paid in Ghana after all deductions has been made.


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