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List of DSTV Movie Channels. May 2023

Which channels on DSTV are movies? Well, DSTV Ghana has about 10 channels that are dedicated to only movie broadcasting. We have the list below.

There are several channels that DSTV has to offer. Each DSTV package comes with its own bundle of channels which cuts across categories such as entertainment, sports, religion/faith, documentaries, and many more.

When purchasing a DSTV, it’s either you are going in for movies, sports, cartons or documentaries. Whiles others prefer a blend of channels from different categories, others prefer only movies.

There are several DSTV Movie channels that can be accessed on the various packages.

This article has a complete list of all the movie channels on DSTV. Take a look at it.

Movie channels on DSTV

  • B4U Movies
  • M-Net 1
  • M-Net 2
  • M-Net 3
  • M-Net 4
  • M Epic
  • ROK
  • TNT
  • Studio Universal
  • KIX


Several genres of movies are shown on the channels listed above. Some include horror, drama, action, documentary, and series.

The movie channels listed above cannot be accessed on all the DSTV packages. Each package comes with its own movie channels.

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