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Whether you are looking for an extraordinary birthday cake or essentially searching for a sweet closure of an ordinary dinner, Kareena Cake offers something for everybody. This is a stand-out pastry kitchen, where the fragrance of home-style heating debilitates even the most grounded will.

Kareena Velvet Cakes makes snacks to celebrate the delights, achievements, pivotal events, and miracles of life. 


A Red Velvet Cake is a rich chocolate-flavored sponge cake with a distinctive reddish color typically with layers of buttercream or cream cheese icing. Red velvet is such a unique cake because it has a vanilla flavor but also a hint of chocolate. It can also be hard to get just right because it should be buttery, yet stay moist. This recipe delivers all of that and it’s incredibly delicious too!

How To Make A Red Velvet Cake

To make a red velvet cake, you’ll start by whisking together your dry ingredients: cake flour, unsweetened cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt. I suggest using cake flour because it has a lower protein content than all-purpose flour which creates a softer, lighter cake. When it comes to cake flour, two of my favorite brands are Pillsbury Soft-silk and Swans Down.

There’s also 1/4 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder in this cake so the cake isn’t super chocolatey, but it has a hint of chocolate that is expected in red velvet cakes. Once you’ve whisked together the dry ingredients I suggest sifting them as well to remove any lumps of cocoa powder and help keep the cake light.

Kareena  Cakes Red Velvet Prices 

Small – GHc 85

Medium – GHc 125

Large – GHc 250

Kareena Cakes offers a wide assortment of tasty snacks. They also make cream icing, Red Velvet Cake, Wedding Cakes, Cheesecakes, an assortment of heavenly Desserts, Cakes in a Jar, c treats, and many more.

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Kareena Cakes Ghana contacts;

Phone 1: 0244885454 Phone 2: 0264885454 Phone 3: 0549885454 Phone 4: 0508885454 Phone 5: 0235885454 Email address: [email protected]

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