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By | January 20, 2022

Dasein Practical School started in the year 2006. It is the first registered and certified practical school by GES and Registrar General to run pre-university programmes and INTERNATIONAL COURSES in Ghana. The school has for the past years put smiles on the faces of students and parents.

What The School Offers.

WASSCE Remidial Classes!

This is a two-part program (morning and evening) designed to assist S.H.S graduates who did not fare well on their final examination. The School has qualified teachers who are eager to assist students in improving their grades so that they can enroll in the program of their choosing at a tertiary institution and, eventually, pursue their future vocations. Students can fail tests not because they refuse to learn, but because they chose the wrong programs. Career and academic advisers are available at Dasein Practical School to aid students in determining their field of work and the sort of course to take in order to pursue their future jobs.

One Year WASSCE!

This program is for students who have completed Junior High School but have been unable to enroll in Senior High Schools due to a variety of factors. It permits students to offer courses that they would normally take at S.H.S. in just one (1) year. It’s incredible that a four-year program may be completed in a year. But this is possible at Dasein because of the university’s experienced and industrious teachers who prepare students successfully for the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

SHS Classes

Pre-SHS Classes!

Pre-S.H.S. classes are designed for students who have completed Junior High School and are about to begin Senior High School. It enables students to offer any S.H.S. program of their choice, including General Arts, Agricultural Science, General Science, Business, Visual Arts, and Home Economics. This provides the student with advance understanding about the course that he or she will teach at the institution. It also adequately equips them to tackle the course with zeal, allowing them to easily pass with high grades to a postsecondary institution.

SHS Vacation Classes!

This program is designed for S.H.S. pupils who are on break. Our dedicated professors go over everything that was taught in their respective institutions during the previous term and introduce them to new topics that will be taught in the next term. This allows students to quickly start up academic work when they return to school because they already know what topics will be covered, and it also allows them to finish their syllabi before the final exams. For social growth, students get the opportunity to meet new and old acquaintances.

International Programmes


This is a professional study that is also a British Chartered Accountancy qualification that DASEIN Practical School offers around the world. Students receive tutorials on course subject from the School’s experienced and trained tutors at each level of the program, allowing them to earn the Chartered Accountant qualification.


This is a three-month program meant to help students enhance their English and Mathematics skills in order to seek admission to universities outside of the country. Teachers conduct periodic tests to assess pupils’ performance and determine their preparation for the examination. These frequent examinations allow students to stay up to date on how questions are asked during exams and to learn how to solve SAT questions using logical ways.


The TOEFL is also a three-month curriculum meant to sufficiently prepare students for an English language test required for entrance to international universities. Students are also assessed on a regular basis to ensure that they are prepared to take the final exams. When a student’s performance falls short of expectations, he or she is recommended to retake the course for a shorter amount of time at a reduced charge until it is determined that his or her performance has improved.


This programme is for graduates who wish to improve upon the English and Mathematics and be examined for a good grade for admission into foreign universities or to undertake a post graduate programme in the tertiary institution. The tutors of the School make sure that students understand all aspects of the course very well to undertake the examination.


This is also a programme which tests students’ ability in Mathematics and English language. At Dasein Practical School, students are given tutorials in both subjects together with the computer since the examination is done with a computer. They are also taught the techniques used in answering questions to help them pass with ease.


The School offers the CIM (UK) programme which is the largest professional body of marketing and shares a passion for marketing. The qualifications are designed to provide basic grounding in marketing and enables graduates to have a broad knowledge of the subject. It allows graduates from the tertiary institution with marketing background to obtain the professional certificate for higher positions in various companies in and outside the country. Lecturers for this professional programme assist students closely to help them understand all aspects of the course content of the programme.


This is a programme offered by students who wish to further their education outside the country especially in Britain and have followed the British curriculum. This programme is undertaken for a period of three months to one year depending on the students’ ability and readiness to sit for the examination. Periodic tests are organised to check students’ performances.


The General Business Certificate Examination is a programme regulated by the West African Examination Council for students who wish to obtain a General certificate in Accounting, Business Studies or Secretarial Duties. With each of the course under studies, a student is supposed to offer two compulsory and three optional subjects. With the Advanced Business Certificate Examination, students can obtain a Diploma Certificate in Accounting, Business Administration or information technology when it is a Diploma Option and the Advanced Certificate when it is a Single Subject entry.
At DASEIN, our competent teachers who are examiners as well, with in depth knowledge about this programme, make sure that the syllabuses are completed before the time for the exams. They also make students aware of the rules and regulations governing these exams to ensure discipline during examination.

Adult Education/Literacy

The Adult literacy or Adult Education programme is designed for adults who have not been to school before or have not received the basic level education, or attended the school but could not complete the basic level but wish to know how to read and write the English language and also to receive basic level education and then proceed to the Second Cycle level of education.

The programme is in three (3) different levels where certificates are awarded in each level after completion. The level three (3) for instance, qualifies a student to undertake any of the S.H.S courses to enable him or her proceed to the tertiary institution.

Kindly Contact the school below for their fees based on the programme you are interested in.

Main Branch (Awoshie)

Awoshie Junction, Off The Mallam-Lapaz Road

Address: P. O. Box ML 70, Mallam – Accra

Mobile:  0244 982 428

Email: [email protected]

Web: http://www.daseinpracticalschool.com

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