Cost of Poultry Feed in Ghana 2021

You are here simply because you want to know the price of poultry feed in Ghana.

We at Ghana Insider are committed to giving you accurate information related to pricing in Ghana.

In recent times, Poultry farming has been ventured into by the youth. This is because it is a lucrative business when done well.

In our previous post we discussed about How to start poultry farming, Cost of day-old chicks in Ghana and, Day old chick suppliers in Ghana.

In this post we are going to focus on the cost of poultry feed and its possible health benefits for the birds in the farm.

The price of poultry feed in Ghana may vary from one supplier to the other. This is why you need timely information like this to stay informed of the current and best prices in the market.

Note that as a poultry farmer you can prepare your own feed. However, that is beyond the scope of this article.

We will discuss that in subsequent write ups.


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Poultry Feed Price in Ghana.

Knowing the price of poultry feed is important for aspiring and current farmers. It actually helps to draw an accurate budget.

Now what is the cost of poultry feed in Ghana? See from the table below.

NB: The current price on the market may differ from what we have here depending on the time you are reading the info and other factors.

The cost of the feeds is determined by the type of birds you are raising. In the sense that, the feed that broilers need may differ from that needed by layers or day old chicks.

Check the image below for the prices or view the table below.

Feed Type Price (GHS)
Chicken Starter ¢88
Grower Mesh ¢76
Layer Mesh ¢88
Broiler Starter ¢104
Broiler Finisher ¢96
Turkey Starter ¢120
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Where to buy poultry feed in Ghana?

You can get quality poultry feed at any recognized poultry farm who is into feed production. List of such are

  • Greater Accra Poultry Farmers Association
  • Sankofa feeds
  • Darko farms
  • Akate farms
  • Akro farms
  • Halaal farms
  • Holland akokor
  • And many more


All questions answered here.

How much is a bag of poultry feed in Ghana?

The price of a bag depends on the type of feed. But generally, it cost between GHS 90 – GHS 120. A bag of feed is 45kg – 50kg.

What is the main ingredient for poultry feed?

Corn is probably the main ingredients in poultry feed.

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