Types of Nurses in Ghana And Their Uniforms. October 2022

Ghana Nurses Uniforms

ghana nurse uniform
ghana nurse uniform

We are here to present to you all the types of Nurses in Ghana and their respective uniforms. We shall also touch on nurses uniform styles.

Nursing in Ghana is a prestigious and noble profession cherished by most people. Nursing students or trainees and even newly posted nurses sometimes have little or no knowledge concerning the uniform each type of nurse is supposed to wear.

In nursing (particularly in Ghana), there are several ranks. One of the things that massively differentiate the rank of nurses is the uniform they wear.

For example, a certificate nurse does not wear the same uniform worn by nursing officers (Degree Nurses).

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Also, some nurses wear different coloured belts to show their ranks.

As an aspiring nurse or a nursing trainee, we deem it important to educate you on the types of nurses in Ghana and their uniforms.

On top of that, the general public should also know.

Let us start with the type of nurses we have in Ghana.

Types or ranks of nurses in Ghana

There are currently 11 types or categories of nurses in Ghana.


Types of nurses and their uniforms in 2020

Now let’s see the uniform worn by the different categories of register nurses (RN).

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Ghana Nurses Uniform

  • District Director of Nursing Services (DDNS) wear white uniform with a waste belt
  • Degree nurses (nursing officers) wear white uniform
  • Diploma nurses wear the green uniform with a white collar
  • Certificate nurses wear green uniform with a green collar
  • Nurse practitioners wear multicolored attire of their choice
  • Community health nurses (certificate) wear the brown uniform
  • Degree midwives wear white uniform
  • Diploma midwives wear green uniform
  • Senior nursing officers wear blue uniform
  • Theatre nurses usually wear scrubs.
  • Scrub nurses wear the scrub uniform
  • Mental Health nurses wear either the green or white uniform depending on their qualification.


Important things to note

Although there is a dress code specified by the Nursing and Midwifery Council in Ghana, some facilities have their own protocols concerning dressing.

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Scrub uniforms can be of different colors.


  1. Please is it compulsory for all NAC students to wear srubs doing clinical.Because some one may not prefer to wear scrub so please may be is there anything like apron and cap that u might send it to clinical.Thank you


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