Brigitte Antonius Cause of Death: Full Details

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Brigitte Antonius was an Austrian actress who was born on January 27, 1933. She was born in Vienna. Brigitte Antonius worked in theater, film as well as television when she was quite active.

Over the years that she worked as an actress, she has been on stage at the Theater in der Josefstadt , the Vienna Burgtheater, the Schauspielhaus Graz and the Lower Saxony State Theater in Hanover.

In as much as she has played roles in a lot of films, her most important works include  Ene, mene Muh und tot sind du by Houchang Allahyari in 1999 and Come Sweet Death by Wolfgang Murnberger in 2000.

From the end of the 1990s, Brigitte Antonius has made appearances on German television especially playing roles in television series such as Clinic under Palms (2001) and the telenovela Rote Rosen (since 2006).

She was part of Rote Rosen since November 2006 and she played the role of the actress Johanna Jansen. Brigitte Antonius took a break from filming in April 2014 but made a comeback at the end of May 2014.

Brigitte Antonius Cause of Death

Currently, there is no update to suggest if Brigitte Antonius is dead or not. As a result of this, the cause of death cannot also be updated.

Brigitte Antonius Awards

As an Austrian actress, Brigitte Antonius has been able to win some awards. These awards are the Silver Medal of Honor for services to the Republic of Austria, the Large Golden Decoration of Honor of the State of Styria and the Medal of Honor from the state capital Graz for artistic achievements.

Brigitte Antonius Filmography

Some of the films Brigitte Antonius has featured in include 1956: The shepherd’s Song from the Kaisertal, 1957: The priest of St. Michael, 1957: The Poacher from Silver Forest, 1958: Marriage candidates, 1958: Seeing home once more, 1958: Hello Taxi, 1958: The Street, 1969: Ashes of Victory (TV film), 1996: Commissioner Rex, 1999: No, no, you’re dead and 2000: Come sweet death.

Others are 2001: Trautmann – Nothing is So Finely Woven, 2001: Clinic under the Palm Trees (TV series), 2002: Marienhof (TV series), 2003: The Bull of Tölz: Class Reunion (TV film), 2003: Tatort – When Women Eat Oysters, 2004: The Return of the Dance Teacher, 2005: Marienhof (TV series), 2005: The Patriarch and 2005: The Campers (Season 8 Episode 9).

The likes of 2006: Red Roses (TV series), 2007: Lilly Schönauer – detour to Happiness, 2007: Emergency Call Hafenkante (TV series, episode The Prodigal Son ), 2007: SOKO Kitzbühel – Deadly Legacy and 2008: The Rosenheim Cops – One Last Drink also form part of the filmography of Brigitte Antonius.

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