Best Places To Do National Service In Ghana

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Are you a recent graduate planning to do your one-year mandatory national service in Ghana? The place you choose to do your service can determine your next phase in life.

Students who studied professional courses such as nursing are restricted to the hospital facilities. If you are however a social science, business or any other related graduate, you can do your national service at any place of choice provided you meet the organization’s criteria for recruitment.

Choosing a best place to do your national service can provide you the necessary connections that will catapult you in the cooperate or academic ladder higher.

We are going to list the best places in Ghana where you can add to your list of places to do your national service.

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Note: this guide does not include the process of how to apply for national service at the mentioned places. If you have further questions do contact the NSS secretariat for more information.


List of Best Places to enroll National Service in Ghana.

MTN Ghana

Get hands-on skill from MTN Ghana by doing your one-year mandatory national service at any of their branches near you. MTN, the biggest telecommunication company in Ghana accepts fresh graduates to undertake national service with them. Get business and cooperate skills by joining the MTN Ghana team for your national service.


DVLA Ghana

The DVLA happens to be another good place to do your national service in Ghana. You will gain much experience with customer relations and relationship.

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Ghana Airport and Habour


Vodafone Ghana

Vodafone accepts fresh graduates to undertake national service with them. Your national service journey with Vodafone can only begin when you are posted to Vodafone by the national service secretariat and successfully complete the selection process. Vodafone national service is for 9months starting from October to July each year.


Societe General Ghana

If you studied a business related programme in the university, opting to do your national service at the Societe General Bank Ghana is one of the best decisions you can take in life. Your national service year can be very exciting and enriching when you are with the S2G Ghana Team.

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Get the unique and essential banking and cooperate skills whiles serving at SG Ghana. If you are lucky, you get a permanent employment after the service. To apply, complete your NSS registration on the NSS portal and submit another application to SG SSB using this link —>


Newmont Ghana Limited

Newmont Ghana is also one of the best and most sought-after places to do your national service in Ghana. If you have an engineering background related to mining, applying to do your national service at Newmont will be a good choice.

Gain onsite and offsite mining experience both practically and theoretically. For more information visit

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