Bata Illic Children: Full Details

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Bata Illic was born on September 30, 1939, in Belgrade. He is a German pop singer who hails from Yugoslavia. His father was a tax officer.

With respect to education, Bata Illic studied philology, English and Italian before working as a teacher for two years. He got in touch with musician Andreas Triphan and later, they teamed up to form a band. Unfortunately, Bata Illic and Andreas Triphan parted ways in 1961 and this was because Andreas Triphan wanted the band to be stationed in France.

In 1963, Bata Illic with his band “Grandpa’s Whites” got a lot of contracts for the American club “Twister” in Bad Kissingen.

Together with his band, Bata Illic played for clubs in Bad Hersfeld, Poppenburg, Fulda and West Berlin. After so many years, Andreas Triphan and Bata Illic met again at a music festival in May 1966 but after some performances together between June and August, the two musicians could not team up and work as a band.

In 1967, the hits of Bata Illic were  Blindfolded and Shoes as Heavy as a Stone. Later in 1972, Bata Illic experienced his greatest success on the music scene with Michaela.

Through Michaela, he had the chance to perform at several music programs including  ZDF Hit Parade. He also released Solange ich lebe in 1973.

After a while of inactivity on the part of Bata Illic on the music scene, he attempted a comeback in the 1990s.

From time to time, Bata Illic has been performing some of his hit songs and also performs with the likes of Charles Aznavour, Adriano Celentano and Burt Bacharach.


Bata Illic Children

Currently, there is no information about the children of Bata Illic.

However, Bata Illic has been married to Olga Illic since 1963.

Bata Illic and Olga Illic have been living in Gräfelfing near Munich since 1978 but before then, they were residing in Frankfurt am Main.

Bata Illic was on the show I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here! From January 11, 2008, to January 26, 2008, on RTL. He placed third behind Michaela Schaffrath and winner Ross Antony.

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