Andrea Jürgens Children: Full Details

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Andrea Jürgens was born on  May 15 ,1967, in Wanne-Eickel and she can be described as a German pop singer who rose to fame and stardom in the late 1970s as a child star. Her parents are Heinrich and Margret Jürgens. Heinrich lived between 1934 and 2010 while Andrea Jürgens’ mother lived from 1928 to 2016.

Andrea Jürgens was the second child of her parents. She had a brother who was born in 1955 but he died in 2013. In 1977 when Andrea Jürgens was ten years old, she got discovered by Jack White and had her first television appearance at the ARD New Year’s Eve gala of Amlaufen Band with Rudi Carrell.

She performed some songs to the admiration of the audience and as a result of that, she had the chance to appear on more television shows and her song captured the attention of several radio stations.

Luckily for her, her song found its way into the  German singles chart in January 1978 and it was in the fourth position on the chart. Andrea Jürgens took part in ZDF hit parade in 1978 and she won.

People considered Andrea Jürgens as a child star in July 1978 with the release of her song ‘I’ll show you my paradise’  which was able to place in the German hit parade.

Andrea Jürgens got honoured as Year of the Child by the UN in 1979 which led to the release of her next hit song Ein Herz für Kinder. The LP Christmas with Andrea Jürgens was released in October 1979 and it sold over 1.5 million copies within three months. As a matter of fact, it was the best-selling Christmas album for a long time and made a mark in the Guinness Book of Records.

Some of the albums Andrea Jürgens has include  Andrea Jürgens singt, As long as a girl can dream (1982) and Because we love us.

She has received a lot of awards and honours. Her album Christmas with Andrea Jürgens received gold and platinum several times and she was awarded the Golden Tuning Fork in 1982 as well as 1983.

Other awards are the Bronze Lions from Radio Luxembourg in 1980 and 1984, “Golden Note from RTL” for the title “Amore Amore” in 1989 as well as he music prize smago! award in 2016.

Andrea Jürgens Children

Even though Andrea Jürgens had been in a relationship with Ralf Stiller since 1981, they only got married in February 1989.

The marriage could not stand the test of time. Andrea Jürgens and Ralf Stiller divorced in 1994 .

Death laid its icy hands on Andrea Jürgens in July 2017 when she was 50 years. She died as a result of kidney failure and was buried in the Recklinghausen Central Cemetery in Hillerheide.

There is however no information to suggest if she had any children or not.

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