Bamboo Bicycle Production In Ghana

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If you are reading this article, then probably this might have been your first time hearing about the use of bamboos in making bicycles.

This article will enlighten you about how the bamboo bicycle concept came about and give you all the needed facts about it.

What Is A Bamboo Bicycle?

Bamboo bicycles are single-track vehicles with two wheels attached to a bamboo frame powered by pedals and chains.

Bamboo is slowly beginning to be incorporated in bicycle frame production due to its lightweight, vibration dampening, and sustainability, even though aluminium frames still dominate the market.

How Bamboo Bicycle Came About

Bamboo bikes were first patented in the US and was introduced to the general public on 26 April 1894.

August Oberg and Andrew Gustafson petitioned for a patent in the United States in 1895, and it was granted in 1896.

However, with the emergence of harder industrial metals like steel and aluminium, large-scale use of bamboo for bicycle construction was never possible.

Although bicycles are a common mode of human mobility, bamboo bicycles are not extensively employed in rural and urban areas.

Thanks to the Green movement, bamboo is being used again for high-end racing and touring bicycles. Bamboo bikes are appearing on the market as a low-cost alternative to the comparatively pricey and environmentally unfriendly aluminium metal bikes.

Ghana’s Bamboo Bicycle Project

The Ghana Bamboo Bike Initiative, founded by Bernice Dapaah, has received funding from the United Nations and the United States.

This company promotes itself as solving issues such as climate change, poverty, youth unemployment, rural-urban migration, and women’s employment. Over 1000 of these bicycles had been sold in Ghana, Europe, and the United States as of 2015.

The Price Of Bamboo Bicycles In Ghana

Bamboo bicycles sold in Ghana for the Ghana Bamboo Bike Initiative cost around Ghc 720, which is much more than standard bicycles.

As of 2018, the cheapest adult bike costs Ghc 2,100.00, indicating that the bikes are marketed specifically for export.

Bamboo bikes produced in Ghana are relatively cheaper than foreign ones because most of their parts (e.g. bamboo, chains, bolts, etc.) are purchased from low-cost sources.


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