Car Tracking Device Prices In Ghana

About Car Tracking Device

Let’s talk about a Car Tracking Device. Also, in this post, you will get to know how much it will cost you in order to buy a car tracking device. Security is one of the most important thing every one need in life. As days go by, intruders and criminals devise advance means to thieve people.

In most cases, these thieves go untracked. No one finds them! A valuable or expensive property will get missing then. To curb these theft cases, car tracking devices have been invented so that, car owners can trace/track their cars wherever they go.

Uses Of Car Tracking Devices

Not for only tracking thieves however, car tracking devices can be used for other purposes. These include: Stolen vehicle recovery by the police, Asset tracking by companies, On-board Information, Dispatching, Trailer Tracking, Routing, Surveillance, Transit Tracking, Fuel Monitoring, Distance Calculation, etc.

Some Types Of Car Tracking Devices

There are lots of car tracking devices. All car tracking devices fall under two categories. Active Tracking and Passive Tracking.

The Passive Tracking Devices cache GPS location, heading, speed and, in most cases, an actuate operator like the key on/off, door open/closed. As soon as the car makes a comeback to a destine juncture, the device is taken off and the data is downloaded to a computer for assessment.

Also, Passive Tracking Devices are integrated with an auto download system that transfer data thru wireless download.

With the Active Tracking Devices, they equally collect the same information however, they often transmit the data in near-real-time thru satellite or cellular networks to a data base or computer for assessment.

Several modernistic car tracking devices merge both the passive and active tracking capabilities. In this instance, when a cellular or satellite network is accessible, the tracking device is connected and transmits data to a server. However, when a cellular or satellite network is unaccessible, the tracking device cache data in an internal memory and later transmit the stored data to a server when the cellular or satellite network becomes accessible again.

How Car Tracking Devices Operate

A car tracking device is integrated with an automatic car location software that fetches snappy data for a panoramic picture of the car’s location.

The information of the car can be scrutinized on electronic maps thru the Internet or using a specialized software.

Prices Of Car Tracking Devices In Ghana

As rightly stated above, there are different types of car tracking devices. The prices are going to be based on the type of tracking device you are going for. Fast-forward, GPS Tracker goes for GH ¢ 350 – GH ¢ 600. A tracker that uses both passive and active systems also goes for GH ¢ 2000 – GH ¢ 3000.

Where To Buy A Car Tracking Device In Ghana

  • MTN Ghana
  • Jiji Market
  • Jumia Ghana

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