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Lawrencia Owusu is a level 400 student in the university of Ghana; studying Animal Biology and Conservation Science. She enjoy writing articles, poems, fiction etc. Send her an email on [email protected]

International Schools in Ghana.

International Schools in Ghana. There are basic and Senior high schools in Ghana that pays school fees tantamount to what university students pay. The curriculum they use are not that which is used in Ghana. In this post, ill be listing some International Schools here in Ghana. These schools uses the British curriculum in teaching.… Read More »

Road Construction Companies in Ghana.

Road construction is a real contract business. Mostly, the people who are given the contract should be well-to-do enough to take up these contracts. Well-to-do in terms of skills and money. Constructing roads is done by the government, meaning it is for the whole people of Ghana. Now with the uncountable number of cars we… Read More »

Benefits Of Cocoa Powder To The Skin.

We discuss the benefits of cocoa powder to the skin. What is cocoa powder? Cocoa powder is a sugarless dark brown powder which is made from cocoa beans. Who doesn’t love chocolate? And who doesn’t love cocoa powder for beverage? Almost every one does. To some it is even one of their weaknesses. Chocolate and… Read More »

Top Makeup Artist in Ghana.

In this article you will find top makeup artist in Ghana. You know we at Ghana insider gives you nothing but the best. Makeup has become part of us. Many Ghanaians especially females love to add to their beauty, to look elegant and stunning. With the makeup skills, it could be a talent that has… Read More »

Classes of Drivers License in Ghana

Almost everyone wants to own a car or two some day. Though we are not there yet, we have listed the names of cars we want to own and how many we want. For safety sake we have rules and regulations, procedures to go through in getting your car on the roads of Ghana to… Read More »

Despite Group of Companies.

Depite Group of Companies (DGC) is a very famous, award winning and one of the largest media corporation in Ghana. It is not media platforms that make up this company but rather it has other businesses which you will see in this article in no time. The media corporation is in two main common platforms;… Read More »

Marine Engineering Salary in Ghana.

When the term “Marine Engineering” is heard, then you know we are speaking of engineering on oceans, seas, and other large water bodies. And you and I know that when we talk activities on seas and oceans and other large water bodies, then things like boats, ships, oil rings and other marine structures. In this… Read More »

Natural Hair Products And Their Uses.

Every lady’s hair is very essential to her. A woman’s hair adds to her beauty and also makes her attractive. Most African women with Ghanaians inclusive keeps their natural hair. I mean to say most African women have not permed their hair and as such needs natural hair products that will keep their hair healthy… Read More »