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The Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration was founded in the year 1961. It was the result of a joint partnership between the Government of Ghana and the United Nations.

GIMPA Masters Programmes & Fees 2

The aim was to develop the public administrative system through the provision of administrative and professional skills to public services to improve their competence for effective nationwide administration.

Today, it offers a multitude of undergraduate and postgraduate courses to admitted students on its main campus located along the Legon Bypass.

With the main campus inclusive, the school has 4 campuses in all spread over the country, made up of six schools and ten research centres. The campuses are the Greenhill campus (Main campus), the Kumasi campus, the Tema campus, and the Takoradi campus.

In this article, we will discuss the masters degree courses on offer by the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration and the fees that prospective students can expect to pay after their enrolment.

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Masters Degree Courses Available

Currently, the institution offers a multitude of masters degree programmes. Each programme is planned and run by the specific school that it falls under.

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Having in mind the target group of persons that the institution was established for, its class sessions for the various programmes are quite flexible. They allow for, depending on an individual’s course of choice, evening, weekend or modular sessions.


How to Apply

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A person seeking to apply for a course of study at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration can do so in two ways.

They can either download a form from the school’s website, print said form, fill it and submit it to the school together with the payment of the application fees.

On the other hand, they can pick up application forms in person at the Cashier’s Office.


The fees that an admitted student may pay for their masters program largely depends on the school which is offering the masters degree in question and a few other factors.

It must be noted that the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration runs a trimester system and the fees may vary for each trimester. However, this article will only provide the fees payable for an academic year in total.

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School of Technology

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The School of Technology offers one year master degrees as part of its postgraduate programmes. Some of them are the Master of Philosophy ICT, Master of Philosophy MIS, Master of Science IT & Law, and Master of Applied Mathematics.

The first trimester in any of these programmes costs 10,525.00 Ghana Cedis. The second trimester fees is 5,165.00 Ghana Cedis and the third trimesters fees is 5,000.00 Ghana Cedis.

In all, an applicant will pay 20,690.00 Ghana Cedis as school fees. A two-year masters degree programme at the School of Technology will also cost 15,690.00 Ghana Cedis in total.

Business School

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At the Business School, one can acquire a masters degree in accounting and finance, supply chain management, human resource management, project management, business administration (MBA), and marketing among many others.

The first quarter fees will cost you 9,325.00 Ghana Cedis. The second quarter will be 6,765.00 Ghana and the final quarter will be 6,600.00 Ghana Cedis. In all, the fees for the whole programme will be 22,690.00 Ghana Cedis.

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The Executive Masters programme at the Business School will in total cost 45,984.00 Ghana Cedis whilst a two-year masters programme at the Business School will cost 19,094.00 Ghana Cedis.

School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

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The School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences also offers a number of masters degrees.

They include; Master of Sciences in Financial Economics, Master of Sciences in Energy Economics, Master of Philosophy in Economics, Master of Arts in Development Communication, and Master of Arts in Public Relations.

For a year’s program, an admitted student should expect to pay 25,690.00 Ghana Cedis; paying 13,025.00, 6,415.00 and 6,250.00 Ghana Cedis for the first, second, and third trimesters respectively.

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We hope the information provided here was of immense help. For further information, visit the school’s website.


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