Fante Traditional Marriage list.


The Mfantsefo are part of the Akan people. They are the noble people gathered in the central coastal region of Ghana.

The marriage ceremony of all the Akan tribes are similar. Fantes are very sensitive to their marriage ceremonies.

Because of this, before they perform a traditional marriage, they make sure all requirements are met.

Among these requirements is the presentation of the engagement list to the family of the man (the groom to be).

In this post, you will find items on the list requested by a Fante family, if you want to marry their daughter. Read on.


Traditional Marriage List for Fantes.

The items below are to be provided by the groom to be.

  1. Head drink: Usually a whiskey or wine.  It is called “tiri nsa” which means “head drinks”. It is what seals the whole marriage process.  Some people offer some money as well.
  2.   A bottle of Gin or Schnapp/whiskey: This is preferred now instead of palm wine.
  3. Traditional wax print or cloth: This is for the bride and it should be about 6 six pieces.
  4. The dowry/ bride price:  Majority gives money for this  and others add some items to the money sometimes.
  5. Some money and a pair of sandals for the mother of the bride
  6. A bottle of whiskey for the father of the bride: Sometimes, the groom regard it appropriate and so he may include some money and piece of cloth for him.
  7. Akontasekan: This is money for the bride’s brothers or male cousins (that is if the bride has no brothers)   
  8. A new suitcase: Usually, the suitcase contains some items like: shoes, lady wears, headpieces and some other gifts that the bride would need.
  9. Some money for the bride: This amount is meant for the bride to start a business with or to boost her business or job.
  10.  An engagement ring
  11. An engagement Bible
  12.  Cooking utensils: The bride would need them for her new home.
  13. Exotic jewelry: for the bride.
  14. Enough food and drinks: This is for the ceremony. To serve the guests who would be present at the occasion.


What drives the list of items is the taste of the bride’s family and some individual preferences.

Marriage in Ghana are quit expensive and for the responsible. So a man is seen to be responsible as soon as he receives the engagement list.

While the groom to be finds ways and means to supply the items on the list, it is expected of the bride to be to also put things in place for the ceremony to to be sightly.

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