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In this article, we shall be talking about one of the most renowned nursing training college(s) in Ghana – Asamang Nursing Training College.


Nursing, a broad profession/career option which has tons of opportunities all over the world. Nursing is a profession and a branch in the medical field. It is a very important branch or arm since experts from this field are required to take charge of some of the very technical parts of health care delivery such as records taking, taking vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, etc.

Nurses from Ghana have a high reputation on the global market and therefore get the chance to work in countries outside Ghana such America, United Kingdom, Canada etc. Asamang Nursing College is one of the few schools in Ghana which is capable of producing such quality professionals.

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Located in Agona in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, Asamang nurses college is one of the best schools in Ghana in providing quality yet affordable nursing education and training to young Ghanaians who want to take up a career in nursing.

They are known for producing world-class nurses who are internationally recognized and appreciated. They have recommendations and accreditation from world-class health professionals groups and societies due to their outstanding performance.

It has outstanding experienced lecturers who are already in the field working. The school is equipped with facilities for theoretical and practical lessons. They also have sports facilities for physical sports engagements. They have nice halls and hostels to house students on campus.

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Courses Offered At Asamang Nursing Training College

The following are all the courses offered at Asamang Nursing Training College 

  1. Community Psychiatric Nursing
  2. Community Mental Health
  3. Community Health (Nutrition)
  4. Dietetic Technician
  5. Health Information Management
  6. Medical Laboratory Technology
  7. Radiography
  8. Environmental Health
  9. Ear, Nose and Throat Nursing
  10. Health Informatics
  11. Occupational Therapy
  12. Nurse Assistant Clinical
  13. Ophthalmic
  14. Nurse Assistant Preventive
  15. Physiotherapy
  16. Public Health Nursing
  17. Registered General Nurse
  18. Registered Community Nurse
  19. Post NAC/NAP Midwifery
  20. Technical Officer ( Community disease control)
  21. Technical Officer ( Community health nutrition)

Asamang Nursing Training College Tuition Fees

The cost of receiving a nursing education in Ghana is revised almost every year. So it is important to keep yourself updated when you are ready to enroll. Asamang Nursing College is a public-owned institution therefore tuition fees is determined by the government. As at the time of the writing of this article, here are the approved fees payable by students of Asamang Nursing College:

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First Year
Admission and Tuition – GHc 2,300
Hostel/Hall Fee — GHc 1,500
SRC dues — GHc 200
Exam fee — GHc 300

Second Year
Tuition — GHc 1,300
Hosted/Hall — GHc 1,500
SRC dues — GHc 150
Exam fee — GHc 300

Third Year
Tuition fee — GHc 1,500
Hostel/Hall — GHc 1,500
SRC dues — GHc 200
Exam fee — GHc 300

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