Application Letter For A Teaching Job Without Experience – Sample

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Going into the teaching field could be one of the most interesting things one could get himself into.

Being a teacher comes with some unique form of joy that people really don’t play with it. As a teacher, your main objective is to impart knowledge to pupils.

Because of this, it is very important to be filled with knowledge before trying to enter into that field.

For headteachers to be sure if a candidate has the capacity and means to accumulate enough information and expatiate to the understanding of younger ones, one thing they mostly do is make a thorough observation of all application letters sent to them before giving in a call for an interview.

This means that the first stage of getting selected is through one’s application letter. This is the main reason why one must ensure he is sending the correct application form. But how do you know if your application letter is correct or not?

Well in this article we are going to show you the format of an application letter as well as a sample letter to guide you in writing your own.

Qualities Of A Good Application Letter 

A better application letter must have the following;

  1. Your Skill
  2. Your Age
  3. Work Experience
  4. Phone
  5. Email if you have any

Make sure your CV contain other important information you think can make you get the job. Remember not to include any lies. Try to be honest.

Application Letter For A Teaching Job Without Experience – Sample

[Your Address]
[Employers Address]

Dear Sir/Madam


I am of great honor writing to your institution to be employed as a teacher. Teaching is a joyous job any committed teacher will agree to.

I am very new to teaching with no experience but I must say I enjoy teaching so much based on what I saw from my teachers who taught me.

I have not gained experience in teaching but I believe I have the utmost capacity to render a level of expertise similar or even better than the ones that would be rendered by the experience to the growth and development of your noble institution.

I love the teaching job and for this reason, I will make sure I am always rendering full concentration when I am in class. I am punctual, committed, and hardworking.

I am always ready to be corrected and eager to learn. am very active in extracurricular activities since basketball is my hobby. I know how to involve pupils in physical activities.
I am very sure that my application shall be considered and that I will be given a call for an interview. Thank you.

[Yours faithfully]
[Your Name]
[Your Phone]

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