How to Write Manifesto For Library Prefect – Free Sample

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How to Write Manifesto For Library Prefect – Free Sample

Opting for a political position is one of the serious games one could ever involve himself in. It requires a lot of skills and courage to do so. However, there are some techniques rather than being bold or serious that can really grant one’s victory in whichever elections he is contending that is whether at church, school, society/group, or a country at large.

One such winning technique is proper manifesto presentation. After hectic day activities, people tend to ponder on a lot of things that happened during the day while they take a rest in bed particularly the good ones.

When you read out a manifesto to a group of electorates, they will in one way or other find themselves thinking about all the good things and promises you made.  So manifesto is a necessary tool one will require if one wants to ever stand the chance of winning an election.

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Today, we shall be presenting you with a sample manifesto for the school library prefect. position. But lets first look at some of the qualities of a good manifesto  

Characteristics of a good manifesto

  1. It must provide hope to the people
  2. It must present real policies
  3. Everything said in it must be achievable
  4. It must address the basic need of the people
  5. It must be for all and not a selected few

Manifesto To Become Library Prefect

The Headmaster, Assistant Headmasters, Teaching staff, Prefects Outgoing, Colleague Students I consider myself very lucky to have a stand before such an honorable people like you to make known my plans and the reason why I should be voted for.

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Research is the foundation for innovation and creativity and therefore every institution or country which invests in it goes far.

The home for research in any school is the library. A proper library gives the energy, resources, and discipline required to dig deeper into finding something useful.

You all agree with me how painful and discouraging it is not to find the key or important material for your research after visiting the library.

I promise you all that when I am voted for, all the basic materials this institution is supposed to have in its library will be available.

I wouldn’t talk much, but I can assure you all that, I will raise the level of our library to a stage where it can qualify to be among the best when ranked in the world.

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Hard copy books, online books, pdfs, articles, research works, magazines, journals will all be aviable in our library when I’m voted into power.

Just think of any book of your choice and you shall find it at the school’s library. I shall ensure that the library will be well spaced and lit to ensure comfort while engaging the mind in learning, reading, research, or whatever.

The Headmaster, Assistant Headmasters, Teaching staff, Prefects Outgoing, Colleague Students I believe you have heard more than enough and are ready to vote in my favor. Thank you.


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