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Zoë Valks can be described as a Swiss-Dutch actress. It must be noted that Zoë Valks was born on July 28, 1995; as such she is currently 28 years old. At age 6, she moved with her family to settle in Switzerland and she grew up in Bassel.

While in Bassel, she had her education and completed her high school diploma. She read music. It needs to be emphasized that between 2010 and 2014, Zoë Valks had her first experience so far as theater was concerned and this was at the Jungles Theater Bassel.

Between 2015 and 2019, she also had studies in acting at the Baden-Wurttemburg Academy of Performing Arts. She got recognition and was awarded the Young Talents Switzerland Award and also won the Migros Culture Percentage acting competition. The competition was then in Zurich.

Even while in school, Zoë Valks had the opportunity to make appearances in many University films. Her first major role with respect to television was with the 2018 film titled My Neighbors with the Fat Dog. She was also featured in Dear Thomas which was released in 2021 even though the shooting had been done two years earlier. She also played the role of the manipulative Stefanie in Police Call 110 (2022), The Light that the Dead See episode.

Some of the films to the credit of Zoe Valks include 2019: My Neighbors with the fat dog, 2020: Workshop Heroes with heart, 2021: The Star Talers of Happiness, 2021: SOKO Cologne: Alpha Animals, 2021: Dear Thomas, 2022: The Old Man (Episode 445: Bad Blood), 2022: Crime Scene: Shadow Children, 2022: Police call 110: The light that the dead see, 2022: SOKO Potsdam: Once great, always great, 2022: And then someone gets up and opens the window and 2023: Special situation – A Hamburg crime thriller.

Zoë Valks Instagram, Wiki

She is available on Instagram. She uses the account @zoevalks

Other films to the credit of Zoë Valks Care 2023: Murder Sisters – Crime is a Family Matter – Heroes, 2023: SOKO Stuttgart: Until the End, 2023: Crime Scene: What you don’t See, 2023: Christmas packages…everyone has to carry them, 2023: Crime Scene: The Burden of Others and 2024: When Dad is on the mat.

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