Adan Canto’s Wife. Who Is She? Full Details

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Adan Canto was a Mexican-born American actor. He was born on December 5, 1981, and unfortunately died on January 8, 2024. Adan Canto played the role of Sunspot in the 2014 superhero film X-Men; Days of Future Past.

He was also featured in the Fox Drama series The Following as well as the ABC primetime series Blood & Oil.
Adan Canto’s presence was also felt in the Netflix drama series Narcos, the ABC/Netflix political drama titled Designated Survivor as well as Fox’s The Cleaning Lady.

In 2014, Adan Canto was reported to have written and directed his short film titled Before Tomorrow. Another short film he worked on was The Shot. The Shot did so well and won several awards at festivals for Best Narrative Short Film in 2020.

Adan Canto had to cross the border at Cludad Acuna, Coahulia on a daily basis so he could attend an American Catholic School in Del Rio, Texas. His grandfather had a ranch in Acuna and as such he made time to ride horses in the ranch. He was encouraged by his mother and with time, he started performing on stage.

He performed as a singer at age 7 and was subsequently introduced to the traditional boleros and mariachi music. In his teenage years, Adan Canto performed in and around his home state. He decided to pursue his music career when he was 16 years old and as such he left home.

Adan Canto collaborated with Studio M and it must be noted that he experienced so much success as a singer and a songwriter in San Antonio. He stayed in Mexico City for 5 years where he worked as a musician. It must also be noted that he performed as a lead singer for the jazz band called Del Canto.

He also made appearances in a handful of commercials in Mexico. He was featured in the television series called Estado de Gracia but with the passage of time, he focused on the stage after he was cast for the lead role in the adaptation of Pedro-Almodovar’s All About My Mother.

Adan Canto’s Wife. Who Is She?

Adan Canto married Stephanie Lindquist in June 2017.

They lived in Hollywood Hills and they had two children. They had a son who was born in 2020 and a daughter born in 2022.

Stephanie Lindquist is an American sculptor and painter. She met Adan Canto in 2012 during the filming of The Following in New York.

Adan Canto died on January 8, 2024, due to appendix cancer. He was 42 years old at the time of his death.

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