You Want To Turn Left. What Difficulties Can Arise?

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You may be asked to provide an answer to the question; “You want to turn left. what difficulties can arise”? Lucky enough, you will find the right answers in this post. As you prepare for the official driving licence school test in Germany, this post will help you with answers regarding some of the driving school questionnaires you may come across.

Germany Driving License Topics

Before you take your Germany driving license theory test, you need to prepare well in order to answer driving license questions regarding the suitable topics below:

  • Basic rules about behavior in traffic
  • Road use
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Overtaking
  • Drive past
  • Use of lanes by motor vehicles
  • Turning, turning and reversing
  • Entering and starting
  • Special traffic situations
  • Stopping and parking
  • Warning sign
  • Lighting
  • Railway crossings
  • Public transport and school buses
  • Charge
  • Other duties of the vehicle driver
  • Behavior at pedestrian crossings and towards pedestrians
  • Accident
  • Signs and instructions from police officers
  • Blue flashing light and yellow flashing light
  • Alternating light signals and continuous light signals
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You Want To Turn Left. What Difficulties Can Arise?

This question (you want to turn left. what difficulties can arise?), has three answer options and you are required to choose the right answers. Below are the three answer options available:

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Question: You Want To Turn Left. What Difficulties Can Arise?

You Want To Turn Left. What Difficulties Can Arise? 2
You Want To Turn Left. What Difficulties Can Arise?

Question: You Want To Turn Left. What Difficulties Can Arise?


Difficulties that can arise when you turn left include: restricted visibility due to oncoming people, misunderstandings with oncoming left-turners and people turning left can come dangerously close to each other.

More Germany Driving License Theory Test

Go through the list of other frequently asked Germany driving license theory questions below:

1. Tire wear has a negative impact on the environment. How can the lifespan of tires be extended?

Answers: Maintaining the tire pressure specified in the operating instructions and, avoiding high speeds.

2. You want to turn left. Which driving line do you have to adhere to?

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Answer: The right driving line.

3. You want to turn left. When do you need to pay attention to following traffic?

Answer: Before classifying.

4. Two vehicles come towards each other at an intersection. Both vehicles want to turn left. In what exceptional case do they have to turn one behind the other?

Answer: If the traffic situation requires it, and If the design of the intersection requires it.

5. What behavior is correct?

Answer: I have to stop at the stop line and, I have to let the cyclist drive through.





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