Yared Dibaba Children; All You Need To Know

By | July 18, 2023

Who Is Yared Dibaba?

Yared Terfa Dibaba, also known as Yared Dibaba, was born on April 8, 1969, in Aira, Oromia Region, Abyssinia (now Ethiopia) to Terfa Dibaba, who later became an educationalist.

He received the first name of his father as his surname in accordance with Oromo naming custom. However, his refugee passport was issued under the name Yared Dibaba, which was a combination of his grandfather’s first name and father’s last name.

Yared Dibaba

Yared Dibaba

He changed his name to Yared Terfa Dibaba in 1993, the year he became a citizen of Germany.

Yared was born and raised in Oromia, and his father initially moved to West Germany in 1973 to pursue a degree in education at the University of Osnabrück. In 1976, the family moved back to Ethiopia, where Yared enrolled at a German school.

Due to the civil turmoil, his family left Ethiopia in 1979 and relocated to Falkenburg in Lower Saxony’s Oldenburg district.

Yared learned Low German there while attending school. At the Max Planck High School in Delmenhorst, he earned his Abitur (a requirement for admission to universities) in 1990.

After that, he pursued an apprenticeship at a Bremen-based importer of coffee as a merchant in wholesale and foreign commerce. From 1993 to 1996, he attended Schlachthof, a cultural centre in Bremen, for theatrical school. He also pursued music studies at the exclusive Hamburg Conservatory.

Yared Dibaba is married, and he and his wife Fernanda have two kids together. He dwells in Hamburg-Ottensen, a neighbourhood of Hamburg-Altona.

While pursuing his studies in music, Yared started his career as a television host. He played a significant part in an episode at the Hamburg Ohnsorg Theatre in 1999, among other acting jobs.

He hosted a number of television programmes, including “Style Attack” on VOX and the midday news programme “News after 12” on 9Live. He and Julia Westlake co-hosted the NDR television programme “De Welt Op Platt” in 2006, which featured Low German speakers from all around the world.

Additionally, he served as a host for episodes of “Talk mit Tietjen,” “Land & Liebe,” and “My Afternoon.”

Yared Dibaba has had appearances on various television shows, taking part in the quiz show “Asked-Hunted” and the dance competition “Deutschland tanzt” (where he was ousted in the first round).

He periodically makes guest appearances on the “Dings vom Dach” advising team and has provided voiceovers for the television programme “Neues aus Büttenwarder.” He had an appearance as the farmer Knut Petersen in the 2019 ARD telenovela “Rote Rosen.”

Yared Dibaba has a career in writing in addition to his work in television. Numerous books, such as “My world is flat,” “The local researcher” (co-authored with Fabienne Pakleppa), “My world is blizzard,” and “Hello tosome!” have been published by him.

His audiobook recordings include “My World Is Flat” and “The great Low German Bible audiobook.”

Yared Dibaba has been honoured for his work, and in 2020, he will win the Heinrich Schmidt Barrien Prize.

Dibaba is a supporter of human rights outside of his professional life and the patron of the Society for Threatened Peoples’ Hamburg chapter. Together with Oliver Kleinfeld, he launched the YouTube and Facebook series “Kulturona” in 2020, where they invite people from the music and cultural industries to showcase their skills during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yared Dibaba

Yared Dibaba

Together with Annabell Neuhof, Dibaba co-hosted the WDR television programme “Ohjaaa! – Love sex” beginning in June 2021. He additionally took part in the NDR film “Christmas or the carp in the bathtub” in 2021.

The Lower Saxony television programme “Yared geht rum,” which Dibaba hosted in the summer of 2022, focused on rural villages with sparse populations. He has been a part of the editorial board for the Evangelical Monthly Magazine Chrismon since May 2023.

Yared Dibaba is a well-known figure in the German entertainment sector thanks to his varied career in acting, presenting, writing, and cause advocacy.

Yared Dibaba Children; All You Need To Know

Yared Dibaba is a proud father of two children but the identity and name of his two children are currently not known.

Dibaba is a very private person who prefers to keep his life away from the public and the media as much as he can.

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