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Wilhelm Bendow was born on September 29, 1884, and lived until May 29, 1950. Wilhelm Bendow was a known German actor and comedian. He was most of the time referred to as Uncle Wilhelm or Man in the Moon by his fans and audience. He was born to a father, who owned a brewery in Einbeck.

It must be noted that his career started off at smear theaters but with the passage of time, he was engaged at the Berlin Schiller theater in 1906/1907. Wilhelm Bendow became a cabaret artist in the 1920s and he ran his own cabaret, Bendows Bunte Buhne till 1934.

Without a doubt, he made appearances in as many as 100 productions. He also got featured in comedic roles in films. Wilhelm Bendow unfortunately had an accident in 1948 and as a result of that, he was not seen often in public.

When he died, he was laid to rest in the Neustadter Friedhof in his hometown, Einbeck. On grounds of homosexual contacts, Wilhelm Bendow was investigated by the Berlin Gestapo in 1938 and 1939. He was known to be a homosexual in homosexual circles but did not make it known to the general public.

Some of the films he made appearances in include1913: From a man’s Girlhood, 1921: The Lost Shadow, 1922: Children of Time, 1922: Hunger for Life, 1923: That’s what men are like, 1923: The Bat, 1923: Bohemian, 1925: A Midsummer Night’s Dream,1925: The Woman with Something and 1926: The chaste Susanne.

Others are 1926: We are from the Imperial and Royal Infantry Regiment, 1926: A great night, 1926: The divorced woman, 1926: Roses from the South and 1926: The Schellenberg brothers.

Wilhelm Bendow’s Age, Birth Date

He was born on  September 29, 1884, and lived until May 29, 1950. He was 65 years old at the time of his death.

Wilhelm Bendow’s Biography, Wikipedia

His details are accessible on Wikipedia.

Wilhelm Bendow’s Height, Weight

His height and weight are not available.

Wilhelm Bendow’s Girlfriend, Wife, Children, Parents

These details are not available

Wilhelm Bendow’s Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be between $ 1 million and $ 5 million.

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