Who Is Renzo Lusetti’s first wife? Full Details

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Renzo Lusetti is a dedicated politician who has made significant contributions throughout his lengthy political career.

From his early days in the Youth Movement of Christian Democracy to his involvement with various parties and policy initiatives, he has demonstrated a commitment to the betterment of Italy and its citizens.

Renzo Lusetti’s Biography

Renzo Lusetti was born on September 4, 1958, in Castelnovo di Sotto, a small town in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

He was born in Castelnovo di Sotto but now lives in Rome. Lusetti completed his political science education and went on to become a successful business manager.

Lusetti’s political career began with the Youth Movement of Christian Democracy, the Christian Democracy party’s youth organisation. From 1984 until 1987, he served as national secretary, representing the “Base” current, a faction led by Ciriaco De Mita and primarily consisted of Avellino residents.

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Lusetti contested for the Chamber of Deputies in the Benevento-Avellino-Salerno constituency in the 1987 elections, representing the DC lists. Surprisingly, he was elected deputy of the 10th legislature at the age of 28. In the 11th legislature, he was re-elected.

Lusetti joined the Italian People’s Party, led by Mino Martinazzoli, when the DC was disbanded in 1994. He served as a personnel councillor in the Rome city council under Francesco Rutelli’s leadership from 1994 to 1997.

Lusetti resigned as the PPI’s leader of local councils in December 1999 and joined Margherita-Democracy and Freedom in 2001.

He was appointed deputy group leader in the Chamber. As Margherita’s national leader, he was instrumental in the formation of the Democratic Party.

Lusetti was elected with L’Ulivo in the XV Legislature, reinforcing his position in the XIV Legislature when he was elected with Margherita-Democracy and Freedom. On May 4, 2006, he was appointed Secretary of the Chamber of Deputies’ Presidency.

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He was re-elected to the Chamber of Deputies in the XVI Legislature on the PD lists, representing the Lombardy 2 constituency, and re-appointed Secretary of the Chamber of Deputies’ Presidency.

Lusetti left the Democratic Party in January 2010 to join Pier Ferdinando Casini’s Union of the Centre (UDC). However, in 2015, he quit UDC and rejoined the Democratic Party under Matteo Renzi’s leadership.

Lusetti is married to journalist Vira Carbone and the couple has three daughters outside of his political career. He considers himself a Catholic.

Throughout his political career, Lusetti has actively participated in the introduction of numerous measures.

He was the first signature to several measures, including provisions to help the music industry, control of pharmaceutical scientific information operations, and the development of a registration of pharmaceutical medical representatives.

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He has also worked on methods to combat unwanted commercial electronic messaging, defend family rights, and implement youth-friendly legislation.

In January 2011, Lusetti and Enzo Carra established the association “Visioni Contemporanee.” The organization’s mission is to encourage the preservation and appreciation of natural, artistic, and cultural assets.

It also focuses on executing solidarity actions to include socially disadvantaged groups.

As a supporter of the UDC’s goal for political rebirth in Italy, the association actively engaged in the formation of the Party of the Nation.

Who Is Renzo Lusetti’s First Wife?

Renzo Lusetti’s wife’s name is known as Vira Carbone, who happens to be an Italian journalist.


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