Who Is Raffaele La Capria’s First Wife? Full Details

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Raffaele La Capria left behind a rich and diverse body of work that continues to inspire and resonate with readers seeking to explore the nuances of Italian literature.

Raffaele La Capria’s Biography

Raffaele La Capria was an acclaimed Italian novelist and screenwriter, known for his influential works in Italian literature.

La Capria was born in Naples on October 3, 1922, and spent his early years there. He studied law before embarking on a journey that took him to France, England, and the United States before settling in Rome.

When he began contributing to the cultural pages of the renowned newspaper Corriere della Sera, La Capria’s literary career took off. He co-directed the literary periodical Nuovi Argomenti in addition to his profession as a journalist.

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La Capria acquired a strong interest in English poetry in the 1930s and began translating works by T.S. Eliot, especially “Four Quartets.”

La Capria authored and produced several radio programmes for RAI in the 1950s, focused on foreign contemporary play. When he was asked to participate in the International Seminar of Literature at Harvard University in 1957, his talent and achievements were recognised internationally.

His second novel, “The Mortal Wound” (Ferito a morte), however, cemented his status as a major figure in Italian literature.

The book went on to win the renowned Strega Prize, Italy’s top literary prize, and is today considered a genre classic. Sandro Veronesi dubbed it the “best Italian novel of all time.”

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La Capria’s work transcended literature and entered the domain of cinema. He worked with Francesco Rosi as a co-scriptwriter on several films, including “Hands on the City” (1963), “Men Against” (1970), and “Christ Stopped at Eboli” (1979).

His efforts in the film industry demonstrated his versatility as a storyteller and writer.

La Capria got various honours for his literary efforts over his lifetime. In September 2001, he received the Premio Campiello Lifetime Achievement Award, and in 2005, he won the Viareggio Prize for literature for his novel “L’estro Giorno.”

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In addition to his professional achievements, La Capria had a personal connection to the arts.

Until her death, he was married to actress Ilaria Occhini. Their collaboration surely contributed to La Capria’s great admiration for the performing arts and the creative universe they inhabit.

Raffaele La Capria died in Rome on June 26, 2022, just three months before his 100th birthday, at the age of 99.

Who Is Raffaele La Capria’s First Wife?

Raffaele La Capria’s first wife is known as Ilaria Occhini. They were married in 1966 until his demise.




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