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Who is Nicolai Borger?

Nicolai Borger, a German actor and filmmaker, was born on October 15, 1974, in Bensheim, Hessen. He is most recognized for his performances in the films Anthropoid (2016), Three Finns (2014), and Mir, aka MIR (2012).


Nicolai Borger

Nicolai Borger, an American actor and dramatist, started his career in the United States in 1991. He attended the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies at the Free University of Berlin, where he studied North American and Chinese studies. Borger received acting training at the European Theater Institute in Berlin and has worked in Germany and other French-speaking countries.

The renowned playwright devoted himself to playwrighting in Berlin beginning in 2001, directing various premieres and festival plays through 2009. Borger has also directed the short film trilogy Trilogy of Love and Poverty, as well as the five-part short film cycle Bernin Noire.


He starred in a charity project for the Berlin Children’s Fund in 2011, and his feature film Three Finns was released in 2013/14. Borger, a ZEIT Foundation alumnus, currently resides in Berlin. His daughter, Nicolai, starred in his short film Kriegskind and has subsequently gone on to work in film and television.

What is Nicolai Borger’s age?

The prolific playwright was born on October 15, 1974. This puts the age of the famous actor at the time of writing at 49 years.

What is the height of Nicolai Borger?

The German-born actor and director stands quite tall, not only in the film and drama industry but also physically, with an imposing height of 181cm or 5.9 feet.

Despite his age and height, he has shown a strong desire to engage in some sporting activities to keep his body fit and sound. He’s a known admirer of martial arts, kickboxing, Thai boxing, and canoeing.

What is Nicolai Borger’s net worth?

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The sensational actor and director has an estimated net worth of about $15 million, which has been earned over a successful career in the film industry.

Is Nicolai Borger married?

Information regarding the wife of Nicolai has not been made known to the public through any article or any reliable source on the web. However, we will update this article with the necessary information regarding his wife when it becomes available.

Does Nicolai Borger have children?

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Yes, he does, and she’s a pretty actress herself who is affectionately called Nicolais. Nicolais is known for starring in the following movies: Schutzengel (2012), Sunburned (2019) and Small Hands

What are Nicolai Borger’s career achievements?

Nicolai, over the course of a very successful career, has the following as his career achievements:.

1. 2004: Participation in the author theatre days of the Thalia Theater Hamburg with a presentation of the play “War Machine”
2. 2005: Participation at the Berlin Theatertreffen of the Berlin Festival with a performance of the play “Plastik”
3. “Three Finns” was named a “Berlin Highlight” at the Aktuell Berlin-New Berlin Film Awards in 2014.
4. 2019: “Best Feature Film / Max Ophüls Prize” at the film festival for “The Melancholic Girl”
5. 2019: “The Melancholic Girl” wins “Best Feature Film” at the Neiße Film Festival.
6. 2023, “Best Male Supporting Role” at the Sittannavasal International Film Festival

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