How Strong Is Your CBD Oil?

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CBD is one of the most abundant cannabinoids in the cannabis plant so it’s widely used by many people to address several medical conditions. CBD is still new to many people, which explains why most users are confused about several aspects of adopting a CBD routine. Another important aspect of choosing the right CBD oil is the strength percentage.

As a newbie, it’s hard to understand different kinds of CBD products. Many people look into aspects like the type and form of CBD but overlook the strength of CBD products they’re choosing. CBD doses should also be administered according to the strength of your CBD products.

Here’s a complete guide to chalk down various aspects of CBD strength to help you make an informed decision the next time you buy CBD products.

What Does CBD Potency Level Mean?

You’ll rarely come across raw CBD, generally, CBD is infused in different types of products like gummies, oil, tinctures, and others. CBD potency levels refer to the amount or concentration of CBD in the carrier ingredients of the product. All products contain a different concentration of CBD, so they all have different CBD strengths respectively.

The higher the amount of CBD, the higher the strength of your CBD product. For instance, if you’re buying CBD oil it’s a mixture of CBD infused in carrier oil like MCT oil, avocado oil, or olive oil. The potency of CBD means the amount of CBD present in the oil.

  1. Decoding CBD Oil Potency

Whenever you read a CBD label, you’ll observe the potency of CBD written on it. Newbies fail to decode this potency and compare the concentrations of different CBD products. There are two main ways of specifying CBD strength. It might be represented in milligrams or percentages.

A product with 5% CBD means that 5 percent of the product comprises CBD, while the carrier ingredients make the rest of the product content. For instance, a 20ml bottle of CBD with 5% CBD concentration contains 1ml of CBD and 19ml of the carrier ingredient. The higher the percentage of CBD, the stronger is your product.

On the contrary, if you go for a CBD product that contains 500mg of CBD, it means that there’s 500mg of CBD in the product irrespective of the total amount.

  1. Is Your CBD Oil Strong Enough For You?

What strength of CBD oil should you pick? Are you still struggling with finding the right potency of CBD oil? CBD oil strength is to be picked considering several factors. It’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. The CBD strength that works for someone you know wouldn’t necessarily suit you either.

It comes down to your preferred outcomes, body mass, age, gender, CBD tolerance, and many other factors. It’s more like a trial-and-error method that helps you figure out how your body responds to CBD so you can adjust your doses accordingly.

  • CBD oil with 5mg/ml is considered to be low-strength
  • If your CBD oil contains 15 to 30mg of CBD per ml, it’s considered to be medium strength.
  • CBD oil having anything between 30 to 60mg per ml should be regarded as highly potent CBD.
  • Ultra-strength CBD oils contain CBD content beyond 60mg.

Always begin with low-strength CBD, and you can increase the strength depending on whether you’re using CBD for pain, sleep, stress, or any other medical condition.

Can High Potency CBD Products Get You High?

Many people go for ultra-high potency CBD for pain. So many of the users get caught up in myths like high CBD strength products will get you high. This is wrong because CBD products are extracted from the hemp plant that doesn’t contain 0.3% THC. CBD, itself isn’t a psychoactive cannabinoid, so it won’t get you high, no matter how strong your CBD products may be. However, you might feel certain side effects if your body hasn’t developed a high CBD tolerance yet

Final Thoughts

Enjoying your CBD experience to its best requires you to invest in the right CBD potency. Make sure to educate yourself beforehand. This can help you enjoy a better CBD experience with well-informed choices.

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